The Principal of the Christadelphian Meal- A –Day Academy in Logan Town, Bushord Island, J. Macarthur Dewalt, has warned teachers of the school against  attempts of accepting bribes from students as well as other negative habits.

According to him, any instructor of the school caught in the act of collecting money from students for grades or grades for sex, that teacher’s complaint would be forwarded to the Liberia National Police (LNP) for arrest and investigation.

He said after police investigation, should the teacher be found guilty, he or she shall be dismissed from the school.

Dr. Dewalt made the statements Monday during the Christadelphian Meal- A –Day Academy 2013/ 2014 academic school year orientation held on the school campus.

He also warned that both teachers and any authority of the school found in the habit of loving to each other would be dismissed from the school immediately.

According to him, he has observed that over the years, some teachers at various learning institutions in Liberia usually engaged in the habit of having affairs with students for grades or collecting money for grades.

He said such behavior has caused serious implication for the improvement of the educational system of the country especially for the growing generation of Liberia.

He has recommended that national government labels felony against teachers and or school authorities to serve as a deterrent to others.

At the same time, Mr. Dewalt warned  students against what  indiscipline, noting that indiscipline practice among students also contributes to their failure in society.

He maintained that if a student must contribute to society or achieve a positive goal, he or she must be focused, determined and disciplined as well.

Making reference to the establishment of the school, Mr. Dewalt said the institution was established in 1994 during the heat of the Liberian Civil War by the Christadelphian Bible Mission Organization based in the United States of America

According to him, the school is a charity institution established to help parents who cannot afford to pay tuitions for children to go school.