The two women lied unconscious as the angry crowd threw curses on those who might have committed the crime. The sound of the ambulance was heard in the far distance as one man pushed through the already exhausting crowd demanding to see the victims. There was blood everywhere and people kept saying it was those in authority that were responsible. The rain however, had already taken its cloudy shape as the sun faded slowly across the horizon. Yet, few yards away, one woman was just beginning to regain consciousness while the other lie still awaiting her term to come through. The police were right on time trying to penetrate the crowd with all the force they could muster. Suddenly, someone in the frustrated crowd shouted "They are all murderers and should be brought to immediate justice". The rest of the crowd nodded in agreement and one by one, they went separate ways.


The ambulance in no time had arrived. And the two women were placed on separate stretchers and quietly put into the back of the vehicle as it drove off. The house was unfurnished, dirty, and smelly with a thousand cigarette nuts that indicated, Andrew would be dead in no time. He had lost over thirty Pounds and every one could tell that the man was losing sanity. All attempts for his neighbors to assist him had brought them nothing but disgrace and shame. He barely ate for the last two weeks and in the third week; he attempted hanging himself had it not been for the watchman. He was right on time just about the time Andrew was about to pull the rope. But as God could have it, the watchman carefully brought him down. He was immediately taken to a counseling section nearby to meet the community newest psychiatrist, Dr. Edmond Shane. Dr. Shane had recently built the biggest and most recommended psychiatrist home in that part of the city. And one of his first patients was Andrew. That night, when he was ushered into the doctor's office, there were other patients there who had similar record of suicide. while others were diagnosed of several others mental problems. The doctor instantly diagnosed Andrew's case to be an abandoned love affair problem which was no different from other love crazy patients. The only saddened thing about these neglects was that, the victims though frustrated, thought suicidal was the best option for relieving their pains. Nevertheless, in no time, the recommended psychiatrist drugs were beginning to make straight decisions that were difficult to be made. The drugs were miracles; they were the logic of the human mind and the restoration of sanity. Thanks to the institution and the group of chemist who discovered the need of restoring human dignity. It was the exactly two weeks when the last counseling section was held. This was the last recommended section to release patients who had regained or to examine thoroughly those who claimed they were well and in readiness to return to the larger society. Many of them were possible candidates and had already packed their luggage to leave. But Andrew was not prepared to leave. For him, Dr. Shane was too much an earthly god to be thrown out of one’s life. Or he was much too important to be forgotten in totality. Besides, his place was right here in the psychiatrist's home and he enjoy every moment spent there. But after the tat-tat with Dr. Shane, he knew that returning to normality was the best that anyone could wish. Then he thought about Lucy and felt a deep pain of regret, a deep sense of lost, yet, a love that was never forgotten. How he wished to see her again, to say this one simple word, I love you. The word he believed, no man had ever said or sincerely mentioned. He still regretted walking out of her apartment that day. But she had requested him to leave, leave for good without the slightest remorse of consciousness. However, if he could only hold Lucy again, he was sure things would be alright. His love for her was perpetual but hers for him was transitory. Yet, it did not matter to Andrew whose love was greater than the other. All that matter now was to be with Lucy again. He was the first patient to be certificated, congratulated and disposed of. And all the nurses and in wall patients including other psychiatrists were saddened by Andrew's sudden departure. However, he had to go. Even though they were grateful for his restoration, still his colleagues were unhappy because he won't be returning or at least not with a mental disorder. There were several others outside when Andrew suddenly burst through the main entrance into the corridor. They were all in tears as if he was lost to the world. But Andrew knew instantly that their tears meant much to him than that. He tried to control his own tears but to no avail. It kept running down his cheeks not giving him chance to express his inner thoughts. He wanted to force it but words couldn't come and without knowing it, Andrew quickly loaded his jeep with his many belongings and drove off.


The divorce was to take place in a beautifully decorated coat house near St. John's parish but Lucy was nowhere to be found. Her special assistant had not even seen her since the last day she walked out of there. Still, no matter her location, Gary was sure she would be happy to finally sign her long awaited captive, the divorce papers. This was worth the biggest celebration because it was the first honest step he had ever taken. Yet, he did it for Fatima, did it for the unborn fetus she was carrying and did it for him. As of yet, she had not even told him she was with a child and was secretly planning to abort the pregnancy. It was their private doctor who had phoned to say, Fatima had given him a huge sum to get rid of the baby. But with Gary's decision to have it kept, the doctor obediently vowed to pretend the abortion by giving her sufficient supplement of iron and multi vitamins. Now, when Gary got home, he was already intoxicated and prepared to break the silence by pleading guilty for not saying all these years the things he should. However, the news about the baby was the most fascinating thing he had ever heard. Besides, having a baby now that he was potent, would give him ample time to plan his future and family. After all, it was about time he raised his own offspring and not any ones. Fatima still intrigues him especially with a child on the way. Her breasts were full and her buttons were wide spread awaiting any sort of eventually. She was his fantasy, his widest sexual ecstasy and his fallacy. She was a woman who could turn a man against his wife, a man against himself and a man against nature. Unfortunately for Gary, Fatima was not home but had left a letter of discovery.


Dear Gary,


Before you discovered what I've discovered, it might be too late. But while time is of essence I must inform you that you've been a cheat and a liar, a dishonest and uncommitted man and I cannot afford spending the rest of my life with you. I've always remained faithful despite the treatment you give me in time past. Yet, with all that you've done, I’ve love you with everything I had until I discovered you were married. Why didn't you tell me earlier? Would it not have been a good idea? Could we not have amicably resolved our differences? How could you've allowed me into you knowing you belong to another person? Was it fair? Of course it wasn't and this is why I've left home to find Lucy, kill her and kill myself. Thank God you won't have the chance to see your child. Good bye Gary.


Hopelessly yours,



Gary was shocked, terrify, and trembling from where he stood. He became sober immediately and ran towards the door. He must quickly find Fatima before it was too late. But just when he was about to enter his jeep, two police men arrived and handed him a note.


Dear Gary


I am sorry for letting you down but I've been arrested for attempted murder and will be facing jail sentence if you do not bail me out. I am very sorry for letting you down please find it in your heart to forgive me. Fatima.


In no time he was on his way to bail Fatima out. He drove hurriedly, crazily and almost angrily. But in no time, he was there. She flew into his arms and wept bitterly for the shame and disgrace that she had caused. And without knowing it, he too, began to share same. After making up with each other, the two of them turn to leave but to Andrew's greatest dismay, there stood Lucy. They stood for a while to face each other and to retrospect the past. But this time around, there were no grudge in the hearts of any. He only wanted to make amends of friendship, of peace, and of love. And to make straight that which Fatima thought existed. He pulled her to his chest and hugged her with all his might and then, he formerly introduced Lucy as his ex-wife and took out the divorce papers. By now, Fatima was so ashamed of the havoc she had caused, that she apologetically fell at Lucy's feet pleading. And without knowing it, Lucy too burst into tears with an open arms awaiting Fatima's hug. And together the couples went separate way as Lucy drove off.


When they got home that evening, Gary look to his knees begging and reassuring Fatima that this time around, all would be well. And the following day he took her to the most expensive jewelry shop to purchase a ring of her desire. She was happy, grateful, and thankful to Lucy for having allowed the proceeding go on. Yet, there was a small portion of jealousy in her heart. When night came, they lay side by side thinking of the future and the child that was within. And without the slightest thought of what had happened few days ago, Fatima pulled Gary to her breast plate and secretly whisper the most memorable and desiring words, "I love you with all my heart". He burst through sobs and said "Thank you for changing me".


When Lucy too got home after many days of tension, she was surprised to discover that the dishes were washed, the house was repainted and every other thing was just the way she expected. She was much too astonished to say anything, or to even call the police. Suddenly, to her greatest surprise, there in the bedroom stood Andrew with his arms widely open. She was shocked, nervous and very sorry for putting him out. She wanted to talk, to at least say how sorry she was but knowing the kind of person Andrew was, she only fell to his feet to indicate the sorrow she fell. He pulled her up and looked directly into her eyes and together, the both of them forgot all about "THE LIES HE TOLD."