Boast Not Thyself

Often reminded about practices found among some indiginees by a relative who has had vast experiences in rural life, although equally practiced in urban areas too, there is the tendency for individuals who have had some level of experience over others, by virtue of ages, who prefer underestimating the younger even if the latter is brilliantly performing beyond that of the former.

He most times hints, amidst laughter, that in such scenario, the elderly often boast: “How long has this baby stayed on earth and thinks he knows something better.”

Better still is that when the younger has proven certain abilities well acknowledged within a community to the shame of the elderly, what had often evolved in the past was to use means of witchcraft to destroy the younger,

Although not having experienced what the relative has continuously narrated to serve as forewarning in living a rural life, full submission to the things of God may have prevented me from gaining such experience, having at least grown up and partly worked in a rural setting where I had been greatly cherished out of respect for them without participation into anything far from reverence to the Creator.

Attempts at cajoling me to accept such practices as part of the cultural way of life have miserably failed over many years, yet without subtracting an ounce of my life, not until my personal encounter with insanity during the latter year of my tenure as president of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in 1995.

No longer a secret but reality, it was only then that I came to fully understand the power of God, having saved me from death that only personalities like Mr. Seagran of Inter Con Security, the Political Officer at the U.S. Embassy then, Messrs Stanton Bayogar Peabody and McGill Swe Borbor respectively got the story with presence felt about the excruciating pain suffered, would perhaps be able to tell the rest.

Can you imagine a Press People” offices clandestinely broken into by unknown individuals simply to search my office for what they did not place there? Besides, have you ever seen a chrysanthemum (red-looking flower) growing overnight without even seeing it sprouting at the very window where I stood daily to view Camp Johnson Road?

Sorry that a Secretary in the employ of the PUL then, Ms. Patricia King, has since died but would have been able to provide the media with clues leading to how swift a chrysanthemum grows in less than 24 hours.

Anyway, after making an enquiry as to who did the planting at the window, she hastily said it was her, proceeding to swiftly pull the plant up with its fibrous roots and attempting to transplant the grown plant of about a meter and half tall on a very hard soil in the direction of the Executive Mansion.

Been familiar with the growth of plants, I simply rushed into my office and decided to depart for my new Benson Street home. Few days later, a vision appeared to me whilst in the bathroom, already in my loko form, revealing three of Liberia's Presidents, in the persons of Dr. William V.S. Tubman, Rev. Dr. William Richard Tolbert, Jr. and Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Having since published these experiences in the Liberian Diaspora newspaper and partly the Liberia Journal, I thought to simply narrate portion as a reminder that since then, and with the dream of a very large dragon in the sky whose appearance became louder than a supersonic jet about to land at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) but had remained suspended in the air, the following morning saw the entry of NPFL Leader Charles Taylor in Monrovia.

Since then, it has always been mystery with physical interaction with spirits of the past Presidents along with many others without any fear, as a matter of trust in God and fearing no man.

To however continue to have “old people” underestimating others out of what will pass away and boasting “What does he have, anyway,” one only needs to me reminded that it is this very expression that has taken many big heads to the grave by various means. These are the little things that matter.