Business in a growing and changing environment depends to some extent on the influence of globalization. In order to save time and money, globalization plays an important role in the business sector.


For example, with the use of cell phone, an entrepreneur may not have to spend time money if it is not really necessary to travel to do business transaction or contact. In this way, the use of cell phone becomes necessary to every business in terms of communication. The phone is used to connect other businesses through communication device. With the use of cell phone, a business saves money because a single call is made and a planned travel may be done only when necessary.


Also, the use of Internet enables an entrepreneur to communicate effectively within a scope of time to get a favorite response. For instance, Emails sent from one business entity to another, or from one person to another may be responded within the shortest possible time thus aiding business time and money. With the use of Internet, information can be conveyed from country to country through personal and business transfers. People can use this medium at a particular location and transfer cash in minutes.


All these interactions are a result of technology that can be conceptualized in what is called globalization, which has made the world a single village. From a technological standpoint, most business people are now becoming IT literate. In essence, communication is important in every society, and because of the pace at which technology has driven human beings today, people don’t have to worry about how to dissimilate information from producers to consumers no matter what the location. There is a quest for state of the art literacy in every country, whether developed or developing country where the use of Internet or cell phone communication is becoming very effective.


Computers business for example is a plus to globalization, because they are widely used to do away with manual typewriters that predominantly used decades ago for communication purposes. With the use of computers today, emails have become the fastest medium of written communication while at the same time serving as a cost saving scheme or minimizing cost over a period of time.


The introduction of computer age has even made children to globalize their communication life in modern society. Everywhere in society, especially in the business world, entrepreneurs, institutions, governments, and other service providers have found the uniqueness in connecting the world through efficient communication.


Business in its entirety can be modernized in a changing environment when economic improvements are pragmatic. As part of globalization in order to connect the world of business, governments, institutions, private individuals must strive to make a great impact on the business environment.


Globalization thus plays an important role for genuine growth of communication through which a business booms in the modern world we live today. Every business is today making globalization a key to success which means that one business depends on the other for easy access of connectivity via phone or Internet system.


It cannot not be overstated that globalization has done so much by linking the world as a melting pot, while at the same time engendering business productivity for profit margins for economic growth and development. If the world was not a growing and changing place, there will be more spent on transportation as a means of getting something done in the shortest possible time. The Internet feeds a lot of information to the connecting world thus making business so interesting for all.


The satellite on the other hand, connects happenings around the world at the same time connecting Internet users through a broader based environment for services provided or consumed through export or import in a given period. Goods can be produced or consumed from exchange rates through foreign currency transactions while at the same time earning saving for US dollars or Liberian dollars in the Liberian context. It is interesting to note that Liberia has joined globalization before it is left behind in a face of growth and development.


Hence, the demand for global services is on the increase as every business is becoming recognized through globalization. Businesses in Liberia have improved over the years while striving to maintain the record of being part of modernization.


As a matter of fact, every entrepreneur relates to another while serving as either producer or consumer since there is no one completely independent and this makes globalization very important in the line of business since it links business environment. As goods are produced and consumed, one business remains consumer for another business.