The LFA 2010-2011 closing ceremonies for the just ended National Leagues was wonderful. There were some unexpected things that happened on Friday evening at the program, which are worth mentioning.



First, the venue for the occasion, the SKD Sports Complex in my opinion was appropriate. But, the exact place of the ceremonies, one of the conference rooms at the SKD was very tight, congested and impassioned.



I think the LFA should have known better, by staging the ceremonies in the VIP stance of the stadium instead of a ‘little hell’. It could have been the best place for such a big program-the closing of the country’s National Leagues. Come to think about it, the propulsion in the hall where the program was taking place, I want to surmise, even prompted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to cut short her stay at the program.


Another thing that called my attention on the night was the failure of the LFA to recognize the main persons that have made countless contributions and sacrifices to the growth and development of Liberian football. While it is true that Nimba County junior Senator Adorphus S. Dolo is gradually stamping his authority on Liberian football evidenced by his investments in Nimba United, a club he took over two seasons ago, it is really unfair to honor him at the expense of others who have made huge contributions than him. I think people like Sekou Konneh, Rodney Sieh, Samuel Karn and Patrick Garwo for example, should have been recognized for their meaningful and magnificent services to the upkeep of the sporting struggle in the country. Of course, I appreciate and respect the investment of Senator Dolo, but I think his time has not come yet.



Finally, I want to counter argue the decision by the Liberia Football Association to cancel the third and fourth division leagues beginning next season. I think they took a hasty decision. In my mind, they did not calculate their options well. I think on the over all, the program is good but the decision to implement it now is unpopular and untimely. And the best thing Mr. Blility and co-workers can do is to revisit that decision. Mr. Bility has said that the decision is being taken due to the lack of money. But I beg to differ.


I think he’s missing the mark. Listen, this is the first time in the history of Liberian football that we’ve got a sponsor in Cellcom. So the argument by the LFA boss and his likes does not hold water. Is Mr. Bility telling us that the much talked about $US 5, 0000 deal signed with Cellcom for the sponsorship of the various national leagues in the country does not affect the third and fourth divisions? Why is he ( Bility) overlooking the significance of grass root football? Where does he think we are going to find the next Sekou Jabateh, Francis Grandpa Doe, Dulee Johnson, Dioh Williams and Nathanial Sherman, among others, in the next five to six years? He needs to realize this decision will hunt him if he does not rethink. I want to remind him that grass root football is the fulcrum of Liberian football and the decision to kill it will no doubt expose his ignorance to the management of the passion of the Liberian people. For me, he has committed a ‘crazy foul’ and the referee is about to make a decision.