The Deputy Coach of the National Team of Liberia, Lone Star, Kelvin Sebwe, says the technical staff of the team is responsible for Liberia’s 3-0 defeat away in Zimbabwe in fulfillment of the African Nations Cup Qualifiers, which ended Liberia hope of reaching her third 2012 Nations Cup Finals expected to jointly be hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.


Kelvin Sebwe said the technical staffs of Lone Star overlooked the Zimbabwean National team, something he said resulted in Zimbabwe trashing the Lone Star of Liberia 3-0. He said the players of the Lone Star themselves need to bear responsibility for Liberia disappointing performance during the match against Zimbabwe.


"When I saw the Lone Star trailing 2-0 in the first half, I felt like a player again; as if I could form part of the team, but I had the courage that we could come from the half time brake and win the match, but unfortunately we lost," Sebwe lamented.


Commenting on the technical staff decision to drop striker Francis Grandpa Doe ahead of the Zimbabwe match, Mr. Sebwe said the decision was wrong, and blamed Coach Roberto Landi for taking such harsh decision against Grandpa Doe.


He said Grandpa Doe called him (Sebwe) and informed him that he was joining the team on the 3rd of September in Harare, Zimbabwe instead of traveling with the National Team due to new contract Doe was expected to sign with a new club.


Kelvin also noted that when he contacted Coach Landi through Thomas Kojo, he was informed that if Grandpa Doe leaves to sign his new club contract he (Doe) will not be allowed entry into the team’s camp.


Meanwhile, some supporters of the National Team are calling on the Liberia Football Association to take action against Lone Star Coach Roberto Landi for dropping striker Francis Grandpa Doe from the Zimbabwe match. They believe that if Doe had played Liberia may have won the match.


Liberia has only appeared in Africa biggest Football competition two times, South Africa 1996 and Mali 2002 finals; with the famous George Weah 11, since then, Liberia is yet to surface in the Nations’ Cup Finals.