The race for the Liberia Basketball Federation Championship is at a climaxing stage as NPA 'deadly' Pythons and female side K. Deltas have secured a place for the grand finals following their respective accomplishments.



Female side K. Deltas was the first team to book a place in the ongoing LBF best out of three series after their two straight wins over Destiny Queens. On May 17, 2009 K-Deltas overpowered Destiny Queen 77-57 points, and they made their way to the grand final after Destiny Queens forfeited on May 18, 2009. The first female finalist is now awaiting the winner between Phoenix & Timberwolves for the final argument. Also joining the list was NPA 'Deadly' Pythons. The Free Port boys were in similar fashion on Sunday May 22, at the Sport Commission on Broad Street.



Pythons dash magnificent LPRC Oilers hope in a two straight conclusion in order to secure their permit for the final. She is hoping to assemble Mighty Barrolle or Uhuru Kings that is still in flight for the last slot. Meanwhile, the local basketball house says it has rescheduled Barrolle and Uhuru Kings match as well as Phoenix & Timberwolves for Thursday May 28. The episode which was scheduled for Wednesday May 27, according to the chief Scribe of LBF Fred Pratt the reschedule of the match was due to the UEFA Champion League final between Manchester United and Barcelona on Wednesday May 27.



He noted that most Liberians were gearing up for the pending UEFA final and playing on Wednesday will see the Sport Commission empty. Barrolle won Uhuru Kings in the first match of the series and will be hoping to end the Kings dream. But Kings Coach Solomon George told the In Profile Daily Newspaper Monday that they are still positive in turning thing around come Thursday despite the Rollers lead in the chain.



She won the first out of the progression by two points (84 to 82). But we are still hopeful of winning the next game. In the female block, it will be a must win combat between Phoenix & Timberwolves as a win both side automatically qualify them for the final.