(Dedicated to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)
By Columbus G. Dorliae
Contact: 0886515203

You’re gateway to our Country
Restore its lost image
Ensure its integrity and statehood
That now serves guidance to others

You’re not just a President
One elected by popular votes
Inaugurated in January on schedule
Only to sit at the Executive Mansion

You think faster and far sighted
That makes you extraordinary
Not only by records on books, but impacts
And you move our nation

Above all height, now we goo…
With no form of setback counted
You lead and we follow
Paving development in equal justice and peace

Now children school in peace & happiness
Mama sells peppers, betting decades ago
Like Papa runs wheelbarrow now in quietude   of guns
Big buildings and businesses shoot high sky

Just leave these alone, if seem political
But what’s about Nobel Peace Prize?
Very hard to cover with its news!
That you come within a hanging aircraft

So above all heights, we lift our heads
Awaiting your glorious arrival
But, as no tone to sing in appreciation
Oh…I say, welcome my President!