INEPT IT APPEARED in past decades on the part of some members of the population whenever elections were been conducted, mere blind-followers constituted larger number at times forcibly lured into supporting political aspirants/candidates who greatly disappoint them in the end by not been able to deliver on promises made.


NEVER VOID OF convoluted machinations by proprietaries that continue to obtain out of the desire to lord over others by any meant, a democratic dispensation has since been ushered in which rights of the human person must be fully respected and void of any form of restraint, allowing the rule of law to take precedent.


WITH POLITICAL CAMPAIGN underway throughout the country, giving way to political parties to exercise maturity in convincing the electorate accept their ideals that must be sold through well-defined and articulated platforms, Liberians are still awaiting to see when our political institutions will begin making these political instruments public.


ALL THAT THE electorate continues to witness during the period is the informal outspokenness of political aspirants/candidates, sharp-shooting their opponents with repeated offers characterizing the process.


IN SPITE BITTER experiences shared by many Liberians during the past civil crisis, with the rebuilding of lives remaining paramount in the enabling environment that has not come about from the blue skies prevailing, promises of building roads, bridges, schools, provision of schools, clinics and attracting investments to the country in further improvement of the lives of the people has now become quite redundant.


PERHAPS NOW WITH older political institutions taking seriously the untoward trend by either remaining as they are, forming alliances or cross-carpeting of members, the rugged path to the actual practices of democracy remains are still at a distance.


THIS IS PREDICATED to the fact that some institutions designed to serve the purpose in the supreme interest of the people are themselves falling far-short of their statuses, hinged purely upon speculative knowledge acquired, as opposed to that which is relevant to the process.


NON-PARTISAN AS OUR role remains in society, allowing the public to serve as judge through contents and not mere appearances, a more professional approach in which models used in the achievement of the national goals by political parties must now be brought to light.

WE APPRECIATE THE involvement of international partners in the ongoing democratic process as a matter of lending credence or annulling whatever may be observed to be outside of concept, ingrained though as some individuals have begun exhibiting wrong characters out of their anxieties to participate through peripheral corridors and not the main.


AS THE SEARCH for democratic governance therefore gradually graduate from an infantile to maturing stage, it worth recalling an inaugural speech delivered in 1961 by the assassinated United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when he emphatically told the American people: "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."


TURNING OUT TO be the opposite in Liberia for many decades, where individuals ascend to political positions only to squander the nation’s resources at the detriment of the masses, taking stock from such past lessons would go a long way in keeping good governance as focus in the coming years.