With the ‘get set, ready, steady go’ instruction already given by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, having enumerated the progress achieved by the leadership in the last six years and the challenges to face during the coming six years, the honorable members of the first branch of government, the National Legislature, have since been involved in what appears to be parliamentary rehearsals as means to welcoming newly-elected members thereto in finishing the unfinished businesses thereat.

  Whilst the apparent second day of sitting by the House of Representatives may have watched the election of a Speaker and Deputy Speaker, with the rehearsal begun, the last four sittings in plenary have indeed watched enthusiasm amongst members of the august body in satisfying the true desires of the electorate, though with some pessimism that “all that starts well may not necessarily end well,” however optimistic proportionate number of citizens are convinced.

  Having therefore repaired few broken bridges and have since crossed in recent days, although confronted with serious housekeeping in which all honorable members should have by now been fully seated in offices of their own, as opposed to holding serious discussions in the lobby out of the absence of offices, at least the indisputable Honorable Edwin M. Snowe, Chairman on Rules and Procedures, as well as the abled Chief Clerk of the House, Ms. Mildred Sayon have, as of Tuesday, begun the process of making the honorables more honorable by providing them seats to begin actualizing their roles.

  With several blames earlier shifted to representatives who maintained their posts through the October 11, 2011 electioneering process, for been irresponsive to the plight of the incoming, something disproven out of the cordiality since established amongst members, one can only hope that the General Services Agency (GSA) and the maintenance crew at the Building remain up to the task by furnishing each and every offices with requisite materials and equipment, in doing the “people’s job.”

  Apparently in response to such uncomfortable positions, House Speaker Alex Tyler, on Tuesday of the week, evolving from his constitutional responsibilities, effectuated the appointment of chairmen, co-chairmen and members of various standing committees at the House, bringing to bear some unexpected names that may have since been withheld in secluded corners.

  Open society as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wish that the Liberian society should operate, of course not touching original tradition and cultural values, something that may have demanded the appointment of Hon. Blamo Nelson as Minister of Internal Affairs that is far from been personal but quite holistic, inasmuch as this columnist cherished the performances of outgoing Honorable Harrison Karnweaye, likened to that of the late Hon. Edward Komo Sackor who, by no mistake, became popular with ‘our poor people’, the democratic society yearned over the years by the Liberian people only requires “TIME” to allow it blossom or cross-pollinated.

  Not at all fun and no matter how this columnist, evolving from his many years of private sector experiences, allowing University of Liberia’s Mass Communication Associate Professor Alhaji G.V. Kromah, II to have infused more knowledge of political dynamism in him, apart they appear to be, Liberia must go on as destined by the Almighty Allah.

  Whether liked or disliked out of very limited analyses on the scope of activities of the individual, flowers do not grow from the blue skies but must undergo processes, a trend being cleverly subverted by individuals calling themselves “modern man,” with total vacuum in their analytical approaches.

  Oh! So soon have Liberians forgotten how they were delivered from the hands of scourges during the past debacle? All had to pray to the Almighty God for peace, security and preservation of lives.

  In just six years, not prepared to go into how Liberia’s 21st President, Darkpanah Dr. Charles Ghankay Taylor was dehumanized before the glare of the world as been a war criminal, in spite the very true involvement of all Liberians, the secret cannot continue to be hidden throughout the ages, especially with the appointment of Hon. Lewis Brown as Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT).

  Requiring synchronization by the National Legislature and howbeit his quietude until late when he championed the re-election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the message only needs go forth that the ministry is an area of professionalism and not politics, something that is bound to render the landscape into bull affairs.

  Still considered a student thereat with not much talks, in spite many clever students produced over the years who are now in the three branches of government, “Johnny Just Come” will always appear the case, though with the national interest always at heart with deniability leading to immediate transfer of citizenship to the global community.

  Interestingly becoming member of the new Legislative team, by virtue of interest in Law in general, howbeit the receipt of “papers” by others suggesting the acquirement of degrees, the informal sector cannot be easily overlooked by any individual, especially with reading and writing serving as core to effectively effectuating their roles.

  The House of Representatives therefore becoming a starting point to improving upon legal knowledge, to become either a quarter, town, clan or paramount chief, though commissioners and superintendents must exist, the second half of President Sirelaf and Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s tenure may just be intended to set the basis for charting the true democratic course.

  Appointments of heads and deputy heads of various committees may just be the start, especially with Bong County Representative George Mulbah, popularly referred to as “Kabila”  becoming chairman on National Defense.