As the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) draws down, many Liberians doubt the professional ability of Liberia’s security apparatus to effectively provide security to the country and its people after the Peacekeepers depart the country.

The Liberians bluntly said they do not have confidence in the security apparatus of the country especially the Liberia National Police (LNP) to  provide adequate security to the people when UNMIL leaves.

Calling on Love FM “Positive Show” Tuesday morning, many callers alleged unethical and unprofessional attitude being exhibited by officers of the police, army and officers of Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization over the years demonstrates their inability to  perform efficiently.

They named shooting of peaceful civilians, bribery, harassment, brutality and criminality as some of the unprofessional and unethical practices the officers have exhibited for which they have cast a vote of no confidence in them.

According to the callers, tensions, unrests and conflicts would shield the relative peace the country now enjoys if the security officers do not change their style of performing  duties after the departure of UNMIL.

“These guys are in the constant habit of disenfranchising on the rights of peaceful civilians without cause just because they bear arms and wear uniforms. There will come a time the people will no longer tolerate the behavior of the officers and retaliate in a brutal fashion at the detriment of our fragile peace”, they indicated.

The callers also stressed the need for authorities of the security apparatus to design programs that will promote harmony and peace between the security and civilians in order to avoid friction between the two forces to safe the state.

The Liberians warned that anything short of this could have the propensity to plunge the country into another round of chaos and destitution at the end of the day.

They pointed out that in a situation where the unarmed and peaceful civilians who constitute majority of the population run out of patience with the armed minority group and take the law into their own hands; hell is bound to break loose.

The callers lamented the sufferings and destructions Liberians  experienced during the 15- year civil war in the country, and underscored the need for the security apparatus to refrain from acts that created such situation so that the country cannot go back to the dark days.