Dr. BroplehFormer Information Minister Dr. Larry Bropleh has challenged officials of the Ministry of Education Central Office Workers Association (MOECOWA) to practice selfless leadership if they are to seek the wellbeing of their fellow workers. Dr. Bropleh said at the present stage of Liberia’s Democracy, it takes selfless leaders to move every organization as well as the nation forward.

Delivering the keynote address at the induction of officers elect of the Association Wednesday, Dr. Bropleh described selfless leaders as those that are willing to risk their fate in order to do what is right in the interest of their followers, adding that Selfless leadership can allow a nation, once devastated by mayhem, carnage and sufferings, to transform into a post-conflict success story and a model for other nations.

He reminded them that as employees of the institution, they are guided by the labor laws of the Country to organize themselves into an association that collaborates with administration in seeking the wellbeing of every employee, expressing the hope that they don’t intend to present themselves as unreasonably strong opposition to Central Administration, adding that with such preconception, the work of the Ministry will be stagnated because of selfish actions.

“You should see yourselves as constructive partners. Look at critically, while employees have to be respectful, dedicated, and productive, they must be regarded as partners in a more respectful and valuing way. Indeed, it would make more sense to say simply that leaders should consider the needs of employees not be a servant to them. But also, employees shifting their metaphoric thought of leaders from autocrats to partners are civil and go from one extreme to the other,” He asserted.

The former Information Minister further challenged the new leadership of MOECOWA to use the transferred authority of their colleagues to influence policies and programs that will advance the growth and development of the Ministry while, improving the individual capacity of every employee of the Ministry of education.

Also speaking at the induction ceremony, Education Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh reaffirmed the commitment of the Administration of the Ministry towards seeking the wellbeing of its employees. Minister Tarpeh urged the new leadership of the Workers Association to do all it can in reaching out and identifying other problems not only being faced with by the instructors and other employees of the Ministry, but also the students who are being ‘molested’ by instructors.

“Don’t just see about what you can do for your fellow employees, because the administration will take care of that, take care of those things that we cannot reach to regularly, visit the schools, see what is going on and information administration,” she challenged the leadership.

She said the Ministry is looked at as the dumping ground, when education used to be number one in the country, calling on employees of the Ministry to collaborate with the administration to move the Ministry to a higher height.

For his part the newly inducted Chairman of the Association, Patrick Davies assured his leadership willingness to work with the Administration at the Ministry to make sure the issues affecting workers are addressed; something he said will be done in the spirit of negotiation, but emphasized that they will not be afraid to negotiate and will not negotiate in fear.

He named some problems affecting employees as the manner in which transfers from one department of the Ministry to another, the method of pension and awarding of allowances,  which he said needs to be addressed.

Others inducted MOECOWA officials include; Ms. Preeta J.B. Sonpon, Co Chair, Mr. Momo Fahmbulleh, Secretary General, Mr. Harmon Teahway, Financial Secretary and Mr. Abraham Sesay, Chaplain.