Motorcyclists are being barred from plying the main streets of Monrovia. Police authorities based their decision on the increasing reckless way these motorcyclists would ply the streets without regard for rudimentary traffic rules to avoid injuring themselves and others.

In recent time the death reports involving motorcyclists alarmingly increased. Lives of the younger ones were being lost merely out of ignorance.

Not only that, the incivility of the motorcyclists clearly seemed to be creating a regime of deviants thereby making the society lawless and ungovernable.

We appreciate the actions and decisions of the police because when the law is applied in a timely manner society becomes defined and refined as far as peaceful environment is concerned.

Now that the law has spoken, let it continue to speak until motor cyclists can agree to conform to the rules of law including observing traffic regulations.

Traffic rules and regulations are not only applicable to private or commercial drivers; all moving objects along the streets are under the obligation to comply.

Compliance is the best way out; it helps to create a safe passage as far as peace and security are concerned; it helps to safeguard the habit of violence and derivation.        

Indeed, the society is becoming uncontrollable day by day simply because the law is feeble and weak to the extent that everyone would claim rights everywhere.

Let the law speak against corrupt individuals also in a drastic way so as to deter the wicked habits that continue to keep the vast majority poor.

It is true that ignorance of the law excuses no man; equally so it is true that ignorance to enforce the law excuses no government.

We resent the culture of ignorance which continues harmfully drive the society in the wrong way. There is ignorance to decentralize justice, make corrupt individuals to face the law, make the citizens to have a share of their natural wealth, and build a society where law and order would be the order of the day.

It can be safely insinuated that the crux of Liberia’s problems owes largely to the culture of ignorance almost at all levels. Society obviously leads in the reverse when the culture of indiscipline becomes the traditional way of life.