Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome

A killer on the rampage

Seeking to ravage mankind

The unborn, the youth, the elderly


Behold the victims

Untold afflictions and sorrow

Humans transformed to mere skeletons


Even the great brought to shame

The innocent undeservedly victimized

Doctors and nurses perplexed and dumbfounded


The battle is raging

Quite but volcanic

Incurable preventable


Behold the weapon of infection

Used blades

Used injection needles


Untested blood transfusion

Multiple sexual partners

Homosexuality and sexual perversion


Your best defense for protection

The ABC of prevention

A method of live and hope


Abstinence before marriage

Being faithful to your sexual partner

With condom you're covering insurance


AIDS is real

AIDS is deadly

But AIDS can be prevented