FOR SEVERAL WEEKS now and based upon thorough news gathering and dissemination processes, the In Profile Daily has remained to the professional task, doing that which is only intended for the public good, yet still misunderstood in minute quarters trying to lord over the State in various ways that may not necessarily appear democratic but ingrained, something that has since been detested by vast majority of Liberians and partners-alike.

  WHILST WE SINCERELY agree even in open court that Liberia has undergone extreme difficulties in metamorphosing from a state of chaos to peace and stability, with hundred inflows of institutions considered non-governmental institutions descending thereupon under the guise of assisting remaining citizens, much is left to be seen out of their activities given only wide publicity.

  THE RUSH FOR the expenditure of tax-payers’ monies globally under the guise of helping restore the country to normalcy seemingly remains the case, in spite the in-pour of several other international and local non-governmental organizations, most of which have now come to be regarded as very ineffective with no significant impact upon the lives of citizens, amidst mere paper-reporting to government about their achievements.

  AGAINST THESE BACKDROPS and not prepared to becoming accomplices out of our holistic mission, the “rock-chunking” begun on the In Profile Daily as though an institution simply chasing money and not pursuing its professional calling is outrageous, moreso with its major concentration on contents far exceeding only the national but regional and global interest.

  YES, WE AGREE that what may have resulted to the death of Honorable Moses Tandapollie may have begun from Kola-nuts presentation at the Capitol Building, something most Liberians in the Capitol may not understand, the fact however remains that Liberia has a culture that must be fully respected, since a country without a culture becomes a prostitute with no respect.

  GRANTED THE FACT that following  nearly 15 years of war in the country and extremely hungry for the restoration of peace, stability and democracy to the land, thus helping to ignite socio-economic development in all parts, the culture of its people cannot continue to be toyed with.

  FOR DECADES, THERE had existed the Sande and Poro societies, helping to promote peace and unity amongst the Liberian people, with Lofa, Bong and Nimba standing astute. Whilst the re-emerging democracy may be promote congeniality between and amongst its nearly-disorganized elements out of mere greed, hatred and jealousy, ours remains mending fences not out of parochial interests in once more subjecting the people to hardships but improving their livelihoods.

  TO HAVE THEREFORE begun pointing wrong fingers at the In Profile Daily out of headlines produced from concerned listeners and viewers is mis-targetted, since the reunification and integration of all elements of the society for the onerous cause of socio-economic development remains our thrust, whether professionally given support by the public or private sector.

  NO FEAR IN any way out of our professional callings, and often reminded the worldover that culture and religion are areas not to venture in our professional strides, we dare allow unnecessary fingers-pointing to safe faces that are exactly what ours could appear tomorrow, especially with God above all.