Free Democratic Party (FDP) 2005 elections former Candidate David Farhat has reacted to media reports concerning him, alleging that he recently described the National Vision 2030 as being fiasco for Liberia.


Making clarification about the allegation during the week in Monrovia , Mr. Farhat said at no time he ever described the National Vision 2030 introduced by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as a fiasco initiative. He has termed media reports as false and misleading.


Speaking to In profile Daily, Mr. Farhat as politician, describing the President’s Vision 2030 as fiasco, would be an abuse to his political ambition, indicating it is not in the best interest of Liberians.


Mr. Farhat noted that the Vision 2030 cannot be done within the period of six years during the second term of President Sirleaf, even if she does not end it, a long- term plan would complete it.

According to him, wherever President Sirleaf may stop in her leadership as President of Liberia, the next leader who may come after her may also continue Vision 2030.


However, the former political leader noted that over the years, there were committees constituted for various initiatives but nothing came of them, making references to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the Governance Commission (GC) ant the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission (LACC), among other human rights organizations.


Mr. Farhat further said up to present, he has not realized the full implication of the President’s Vision 2030 policy, but hoped that it works successfully to improve the lives of many Liberians from abject poverty.


According to him, when President Sirleaf first launched the National Vision2030, she said every Liberian has the opportunity to give views about the initiative rather than being mute while the process goes on.


At the same time Mr. Farhat has called on Liberians to collaboratively work with President Sirleaf during her second term to ensure that the country forges ahead in growth and development.