The road that I must walk

Before finding me an honorable grave

Is too long, too rocky, too hilly and bushy

It crosses a very large and forceful river

Miles and miles into the deep dark forest

Where hungry lions and leopards do hide

So frightened, it seems I lost my way


The deep dark forest is so large and thick

The rocky foot paths in the way are so many

The mountain is must cross is so large and tall

The waterfall is so forceful and noisy

The crossing point on the rock is so slippery!

So confused, I scarcely know just what to do

Except my poor life is in your hands


I only know how many miles I have walked

I have not the slightest idea how far still

Yet I’m so grateful and thankful for the road behind

My poor dad walked 125 miles before he slept

At the end of every mile he stored a stone

My grand dad opened that school ages ago

Both great and bad men are born of women,

Both great and bad men are all born of women