COMMENDABLE OF THE Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) that has since championed the restoration of power/electricity to Monrovia and its environs, with some leeward counties already benefitting from sectoral supplies that has come about as a result of the celebrations of Independence Day, the durability of materials however used in the process are still being questioned by the public.


BEGUN WITH THE reported felling of wires and poles in Duala several months ago following installation to the joy and gladness of the citizenry that had found themselves in total darkness at night, the exercise has since been extended into other communities, particularly the Somalia Drive, New Georgia, Bardnersville and the Stephen Allen Tolbert Housing estates.


VIEWED TO HAVE been in direct response to promises made to residents in the aforementioned communities, it is interesting that with the rainy season gradually creeping in, the poles and wires installed by the LEC have already begun falling on residences, growing from strong wind that have preceded the wind in recent weeks.


FOREWARNING MANY RESIDENTS living along the road to now become very mindful of the coming season, since constant occurrences of such nature may lead to the electrocution of individuals, as witnessed in recent time in Caldwell Township when a child was reported to have died just by walking into a puddle that had contained electric wires, we find it extremely important to reinforce the plea by residents in properly and not hastily conducting their functions as means to receiving pat on the back.


ARGUABLE, THOUGH, IT is that the latest Caldwell Township incident had evolved from private individuals engaged in the supply of electricity from generators owned, consultations with the LEC are however needed by private individuals who may choose to commercialize the activity out of darkness experienced, determined as the Unity Party-led administration may be in satisfying all homes with electricity.


RECENTLY, THE MINISTER of Finance, following negotiations with foreign partners returned home with very good news supportive of government’s thrust at providing energy to residents of Liberia, with the south-eastern and northern regions expected to become initial beneficiaries from an arrangement that would witness the Ivory Coast extending the services to border communities in the country.


REPORTED TO RECEIVE the support of the World Bank and other bilateral and multilateral institutions, we are convinced that the UP-led administration that has since prioritized the provision of electricity to communities, with the turning on of small lights conducted during its first tenure, the objective will yield fruition as long as personnel of the LEC will insure durability of their work and no longer on make-shift basis.


MEANTIME AND ALTHOUGH not returning to the period of yester-years when huge generators were purchased by government as means to supplying electricity, with the capital of all political sub-divisions directly benefitting, Liberians cannot continue to expect too much too soon, especially when expecting the LEC to provide quality services that will certainly witness drastic reduction in charges per kilowatt hour as assured by Finance Minister Amara Konneh.