Already been falsely accused of been a brother of Mr. Charles Ghankay Taylor (both Tolbertites from Stella Polaris), as if the bitter experiences over the many years of his leadership did not subject many to untold hardships, evolving from the unavailability of jobs particularly within the public sector, though experiencing heightened employment in the private sector involving international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), the down-trodden have remained quite observant of events that cannot be easily twisted out of designed orchestrations by individuals and institutions.

However reminded of United States Attorney Gerry Spence when he states, “I have found that justice is like caviar --- rotten, fishy and usually only the rich can afford it,” further asserting: “What is justice and what is pride, what is honor and what is vengeance gets thrown into the stew pot of a trial. What comes out for one may be the gravy of justice and for the other, the burned leavings at the bottom of the kettle,” the just-ended verdict and subsequent judgment of Mr. Taylor, alias “BK,” represents the above.

Long bespoken by the Liberian leader that he was at all not part and parcel of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), least mentioning the MAFIA, MOZAD or other intelligence agencies, evolving from how poor he has been from upcountry, though mistaken to be from the minority class, “using Arthington where he may have partly grown up, the world must now be told about the greatest mistake ever made in having son of the late Madam Yassah Taylor --- not the late Yassah Kolu Saysay, mother of this columnist --- into such conspiratorial web that all Liberians are held liable, having hilariously greeted his reported insurrection into Liberia.

Sounding more political than military, with the former not having been the implicit involvement of this columnist other than been pre-occupied with conscientious journalism in the interest of the public, it is simple to state that wherever he is bound in serving what appears a life-sentence, it presents the fact, quoting Attorney Spence, that “The law, as someone said, is an ass, but even as ass has more compassion than the law.”

Environmentally cautious, no matter how others may not care, considering the laxity in approach and on account of the presence of the multinational peacekeeping force in Liberia, UNMIL, the many years of imbroglio in the country cannot continue to serve as continuing and future threat to keeping Liberia quite stable, something capitalized upon in some circles to have compelled Taylor to be taken to the ICC in Sierra Leone, finally landing him at the War Crimes Court in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Remaining purely neutral in the political governance of Liberia before and after the fall of the 19th President of the republic, Rev. Dr. William Richard Tolbert, Jr., convinced though that Americanized as the nation has since been, preservation of the nation’s culture that goes beyond its boundaries as is clearly manifested by identical tribes and practices in countries bordering it, it cannot be mistaken that issues dealing with the political ploy mitigated by the minority and majority classes contributing to earlier fragmentation of the nation during periods leading to the 1980 must be tacitly handled.

To this end and as prelude to maintaining coherence in my presentation under the above topic begun last week, let us now proceed with the mysterious events that have over the period characterized my professional life over the decades, having ended Part III with participation in the political process, having metamorphosed from a quasi-military environment.

With the Proportional Representation elections conducted in 1997, witnessing the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of now-former Standard Bearer Charles Taylor ascending to the leadership of Liberia, having narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on the sixth floor of the Executive Mansion, just a day following the death of former Commanding General Gayflor Y. Johnson, proven to have been a close relative, thanks to the rapid response by the National Security Agency (NSA) and ECOMOG upon instant alert.

Mind you, this columnist too along with his wife, Mrs. Janet Priscilla Jones Kesselly, both of whom had visited the eighth floor on that morning simply to have an excuse granted by former Internal Affairs Minister who had served as Chief of Staff in the offices of then Vice Chairman Professor Alhaji G.V. Kromah, II, Hon. Thomas N. Brima, in order to arrange funeral arrangement for General Johnson, an American-trained and true uncle of this columnist, as well as “buddy” to the fallen military trainer, the reading of a passage from the Holy Bible during the attack whilst on the eighth floor instantly brought to mind, as a seminarian, that “Jesus Saves.”

Honored nearly two years earlier during an International Visitor Programme (IVP) in the United States, as Honorary Citizen of Lincoln, Nebraska and Honorary City Councilman of Memphis, Tennessee, much cannot be said other than retracting history and becoming extremely efficient and proficient at what one does in the “Native Land.”

With anxiety amongst the public to read more and begin “talking sense,” rather than non-sense, we can only conclude today’s edition by once again quoting my favorable Attorney Gerry Spence who believes that “Wisdom is something I believe that you are born with, but experience is what wears away its coatings that cover it so that the wisdom can make its appearance.”

Desirous to know more about who I prefer to call --- sorry --- “My Girl --- an Open Book?” These are the little things that will surely matter as a “Walkathon,” having been not only quizzed but harassed about our long-time professional relationship as a result of the long and very hard struggle.