In the wake recent disagreement or confusion that has taken center stage within the LFA leagues, experience referee Samuel Tarplin has attributed it to the lack of knowledge of players and supporters in understanding the rules governing the game.

Tarplin who is commonly called “FIFA” for his accurate call, said his ability to clearly see advantages in the game and his role of Fair Play said authorities of club need to begin teaching these rules.

Tarplin , a senior match official of football in the country known as FIFA he also serves as Supervisor of match officials handling games at the Paynesville Jacob Town Sports Pitch.

He further stated: “You see when it comes to players’ attitude toward match officials, I always wonder if these Lads really know the game of football. I think their coaches should sometimes take some of these responsibilities to make their players understand the rules and behavior of the game.

It is because of Lack of knowledge of the game, that players and supporters make baseless arguments. Most of these supporters do not understands the rules of the game, sometimes we try to bring them down, but they won’t listen to us”, he added.

The experience referee noted that there is a need for owner of clubs to organize worship to educate their supporters and players about the rules of the game.

“Can you imagine that players playing even in the premier league do not even understand the off sight traps, they call off sight when a player is off sight; these are common rules they do not understand and is because of ignorance” referee Tarplin concluded.