Mr. BroplehLiberia’s former Information Minister, Rev. Dr. Laurence Konmla Bropleh has challenged prospective graduates of the University of Liberia (UL) to keep on pushing for a sense of belonging, doing away with ethnicity and pushing toward nationality; a true sense of justice. The University of Liberia is expected to hold its 92nd Commencement program this Wednesday.

Addressing the 92nd Baccalaureate Service of the University of Liberia, held at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, Paynesville on Sunday, Dr. Bropleh said, “As you graduate from the various colleges with various disciplines, keep on pushing for a sense of belonging, doing away with ethnicity and pushing toward nationality; a true sense of justice – God’s justice where at the end of a judicial process one would be able to say truly ‘with Liberty and justice for all.”

Dr. Bropleh stressed for Liberia and Liberians to keep on pushing, adding that for too long ‘we have lived blaming the rest of the world for the mess we found ourselves in rather than taking responsibility for the part we had to play or the complicity in not trying to fix the problem.’ “You, as graduates, but engender the can-do spirit when you think of your country and the prospects to make it a great nation,” he indicated. Liberia, Dr. Bropleh said, is on the right path, but Liberians have got a long way to get there, challenging the prospective graduates to play a pivotal role in getting it there. He contended: “You can’t be complacent, you can’t get your degree and feel that you have arrived…you must keep on pushing.”

Dr. Bropleh informed the prospective graduates to be like a woman, who, according to the Bible, suffered for over twelve years, but never gave up in finding solutions to her conditions and circumstances in her life no matter how difficult it seemed. He recalled that Liberia has had some incessant bleedings in her recent past…a condition that caused her to be ostracized from the comity of nations; a condition that had the legacy of bad governance and bad policy; a condition that for too long had Liberia entrapped in a conflict that destroyed its image abroad and killed its citizens at home; a condition that caused the natural resources belonging to every Liberian irrespective of ethnicity and religious persuasion to be disproportionately  distributed across  the population; and, a condition that caused the inalienable and universal human rights of Liberians to be heckled  upon and discombobulated by past governments.

But irrespective of all of this, with God on our side, he said we as a people, like the woman in story according to Gospel of Luke have kept on pushing. He stated that the woman in the story God healed not overnight, but with persistence, saying, “As graduates, I am sure there are many you admired as educators. Let me tell you this morning, all of the educators par excellence who you so admire today and crave to be like, walked through the stage that you’re in presently, and their ascendancies and/or achievements did not come as magic or on silver platter, they kept on pushing.”

Like this woman who struggled for over 12 years with an infirmity, Dr. Bropleh informed the prospective graduates that they too have struggled with uncertainties and difficulties while on their way to the senior class that has now brought them to the point of graduation.
“There were moments when you felt like giving up, but somehow you kept on pushing.  There were days when some of you had very little to eat, but so much studying to do. You were tired and weak and felt like giving up, but when you thought about the sacrifices being made by your parents you decided to keep on pushing,” he told the prospective graduates.