The Maryland- Grand Kru Highway was a scene of a horrible incidence which resulted into the loss of properties and injuries at  the Negantien Forest  near Grand  Kru County.

According to the operator of a toyota truck marked TT1022, Eddie Bono, while traveling from Maryland to Grand Krue last Tuesday night, they came across a road block after a nearby village at a place called Negantien Forest.

Mr. Bono narrated that several men were seen dressed in a traditional form carrying Single barrel guns, an Ak-47 raffle as well as cutlasses in their hands.

He said the men stopped the truck at  almost 1:15 am and began to question the passengers  about their destinations, and reportedly threatened to kill everyone on board the truck if the driver refused to cooperate with their demands.

He said some of the men were speaking kru while their spokesman was speaking English . Mr. Bono further narrated  that the robbers later told him to cut off the lights of the truck which he reportedly did under hasarssment and intimidation from the men.

The truck operator said some of the men began to put the passengers under gun points, while  others startede looting goods on board, and at the same time another robber began searching the passengers for  Monies and other personal effects.

“look my brother  the situation on the highway is very terrible and if nothing is done to stop the constant harassment and intimidation no vehicle will ply that highway” the driver explained.

After the men alledgly searched the vehicle and took away things they wanted, the driver said a man only identified as Mohammed, a Fualanis, was dragged into the high forest and the robbers reportedly whipped and scraped him of everything he had in his position, after which  later found his way out with blood on his head and neck.

The driver further revealed that Fulani screamed in the forest calling for help but to no avail, while at the same time; the passengers too were crying for help in the area.

The truck operator noted that after the robbers vanished the scene, they ( travelers) continued the journey and reached Barclayville at  6:45 am and reportedly the dreadful incident to the police.
“But it is not clear whether the police went on the scene of the incident, I don’t know,” he noted.

However, Police Chief Spokesman Geroge Bardue said  the National Headquarters has not received  any information as such,  but indicatedn that they will launch an investigation and find into the incident. He said Grand Kru County Police Deatchment will be immediately contacted to assertain the facts.