Pressures are reportedly mounting within the Liberia Muslim Student Community about the whereabouts of Prince Mohammed EL-Haddala’s Money, which was allegedly given to Imam Ibrahimm Sessey in 2007 for over fifty Liberia Muslim students studying at various universities in the country.


Reports say Imam Sessey travelled to Morocco in 2007 upon the invitation of Prince EL-Haddala on behalf of the Liberia Muslim students in the wake of the negotiation.


According to the aggrieved Muslim students, in 2006 they wrote the Prince to help many Muslim students whose parents were killed during the Liberia civil war to enable them complete their university studies.


The spokesman of the group, Abdullah Konneh, told this paper that the Prince agreed to assist the students, but told them in a letter that he has no plan to come to Liberia therefore a delegation should go to Morocco to discuss the matter.


He said the group chose Imam Sessey to go to Morocco because he has personal contact with the Prince at the time.


The group leader said the Imam departed Liberia on 18 June 2007 and arrived in Morocco on 19 June of the same year and returned to Liberia July 2, 2007.


Konneh said upon the Imam’s arrival he convinced a meeting at his House in Gardnersville and told them that the Prince agreed to provide USD$ 350,000, but that the first installment of USD$ 150,000 was expected in two weeks’ time.


The development, according to Konneh, prompted rancorous joys on the faces of the delegates that went to attend the meeting, but two weeks later, all hopes were dashed due to the prolonged absence of the Imam from the country.


He said it was on 22 July that the Liberia Muslim Sudent Union was told that the Imam has left the country for studies in Saudi Arabia.


Meanwhile, the Union and its leadership have threatened to take legal action against Imam Sessey if he fails to provide the money in two weeks’ time.


When contacted, Imam Sessey denied the claim, but admitted that indeed he travelled to Morocco to solicit assistance for Liberia Muslim students who are destitute.


He denied ever telling the students that the Prince has agreed to assist them with US$ 350,000 as Konneh has alleged, but noted that indeed the Prince agreed in principle to provide an initial amount of US$ 150,000 while the balance shall be paid based on proper arrangement.


The Imam said the US$ 150,000 did not come to Liberia until he left for Saudi Arabia where he spent almost five years.


He said while it is true that the students have the right to make inquiry about the money, they should also realize that they are playing with his character and he too has the right to defend himself at all times.