What frustrated youthful partisans of the ruling Unity Party planned to exhibit as a sign of discontentment following their expectations and anxieties at the end of the 2011 presidential and legislative elections seems to have worked successfully this week.

Inside sources hinted the In Profile Daily that the usual smiles with which the youth would greet President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was never demonstrated Tuesday May 8th when the President and a crack team of executive members of the party gathered at one of their headquarters for a latest NEC meeting.


Sources revealed that the angry youth who felt being abandoned by the party leadership, directly blamed President Sirleaf, and reportedly booed her when she attempted giving them a hand-out in the amount US$500. "We don’t want five hundred dollars; we’re suffering here," a source quoted the reaction of the youth when the President decided to make the gesture.


Sources also disclosed that the prelude to the aggrieved partisans’ disgruntlement was portrayed earlier when women held placards to draw the attention of the President upon arrival, but SSS personnel reportedly confiscated and destroyed the placards before the President arrived.


When contacted to ascertain facts relating to what really transpired at the latest meeting of the party this week, UP Secretary-General Wilmot Paye could not confirm nor deny the incident.


However, Mr. Paye said they held a National Executive Committee meeting on key issues including that of their participation in the pending Montserrado County District #11 By-election which has come as a result of the death of Representative Moses Tandapollie.


According to him, normally when there is a called meeting partisans of the UP assemble and during this particular leadership meeting, he could not rule out the possibility that some partisans expressed concerns or not because when a meeting is taking place in the conference room one does not know what happens outside of the building.


Mr. Paye also acknowledged challenges the party is faced with including the anxieties and expectations of its partisans including longing for jobs and other opportunities such as scholarships for education after the elections.


Mr. Paye said it was good to seek information from people who were present because he was not on the scene where the alleged incident occurred.