Weeks following the launch of a multi stakeholder monitoring group called Liberia Country Team in Monrovia, which comprises several anti-corruption- related organizations its campaign to monitor the procurement and contracts of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) has begun.
The Country Team gets its sponsorship from the World Bank to undertake the project of educating communities that constitute Monrovia as to how to trace the processes of procurement and  contracts in the “ Municipality of Monrovia”.

The team has embarked on organizing series of workshops in communities across Monrovia for sensitization purposes. The first workshop brought together representatives of Famiah and Matilda Communities in Sinkor over the weekend at the Calvary Baptist School in Fiamah for advocacy training.

“ The importance of the project  is to monitor contracts in the city corporation. We are all members of the City of Monrovia; people cannot run the city without our participation,” Mr. Thomas Doe Nah, Executive Director of  the Center for Transparency  and Accountability of Liberia (CENTAL) told  participants when he gave welcome statement and the team’s project overview.

Mr. Nah reminded the attendants that it is the citizens’ right to know how the city is run, emphasizing that the project is intended to determine how contracts in the City of Monrovia are carried out. 

“ People’s participation in procurement is important. Nobody should have monopoly because it is the people who own projects that are implemented; they must take part in the procurement and contracts undertaken by the city corporation,” he noted.    

 Topics  dwelt on at the one-day workshop included Why Monitor Procurement in Municipal Contracts, Corruption & Procurement and Participation, PPCA & the Role of the PPCC and  Understanding Advocacy.

Representatives of PPCC and MCC were also present at the training workshop; they also made statements in support of the initiative.

The Liberia Country Team is made up of CENTAL, AGENDA, Liberia Freedom of Information Coalition; the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, among others.

The group said it is grateful to the World Bank for sponsoring the project, which it is convinced would provide communities of Monrovia the golden opportunity to make the MCC accountable in the implementation of contracts it undertakes in the interest of the residents and the City of Monrovia