Report reaching the In Profile Daily from Grand Kru County has indicated that the 12th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Gbeleh Wleh has ordered the arrest of the head of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) Auditing Team assigned with the Finance Ministry’s Pay Team currently in the county.
Our correspondent in the county said Judge Wleh sent police to arrest the head of the GAC Auditing Team, after the team refused to release the salary check of a magistrate who has died.
The correspondent said Judge Wleh wrote the pay team last week Friday requesting it to pay to his office; the salary check of the dead magistrate for May, but the GAC team stopped the Finance Ministry’s Pay Team not to release the check.
He said the GAC Auditing team advised that the Widow or children of the deceased with the ‘Authority of Administration’ should come for the check and not Judge Wleh.
Our correspondent quoted the GAC Auditing Team as saying that it is under straight instruction not to allow the payment of any check to anybody other than the rightful owner.
He further explained that the arrest of the Head Auditor on Friday disrupted the payment exercise in the county thereby leaving civil servants who have converged in Barclayville City from parts of the county unattended to.
The In Profile Daily correspondent indicated that the civil servants on Saturday gathered at the pay ground with the hope of receiving their checks, but that did not happen because the head of the GAC Auditing team was being investigated by Judge Wleh for refusing to pay the dead magistrate’s check to him.
  Meanwhile, civil servants in Grand Kru County have called on the government to speedily intervene in the matter to allow them receive their checks so that they can return to their respective assigned areas in order to resume  official duties.
The civil servants said the more the delay to get their checks, the longer the doors of government ministries and agencies in those areas will remain closed, something they noted could have the propensity of undermining progress in the public sector.
“Look, some of us have already spent more than a week off the job for the purpose of receiving our checks. Students in our assigned areas are not in school because all the teachers in the entire county are out here in Barclayville to receive their money so there is a need to fast track the payment exercise”, they  noted.
The civil servants also want the Ministry of Finance to put a mechanism in place whereby civil servants will be paid in their districts of assignment in the county so as to alleviate the difficulties they face in getting their salaries, instead of grouping everybody in Barclayville. They said some of them walk long distances for hours and days before reaching Barclayville just to receive one salary check, describing the processes they go through before receiving their checks as punishment.
The Grand Kru County civil servants also said they usually spend significant portions of the salaries in Barclayville on food, shelter, among other things before returning to their areas of assignment.  
However, Judge Wleh refused to talk to our correspondent when he was contacted for comments.