It appears that authorities at the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) are not taking it lightly, intermittent scandals that are usually unearthed at the entity’s Finance Department.  

In connection with the latest involving over US$39,000 which a suspended cadet-Alex Belleh was linked, two top employees of the Finance Department of FDA have reportedly been nailed with indefinite suspension.

The In Profile Daily gathered Sunday morning that the entity’s Comptroller identified as Jlateh and Chief Accountant Fiah Duo have been suspended for time indefinite.

The development follows recent press release the FDA issued revealing a discovery of an alleged plan to en-cash a check stolen from its coffers.

The discovery came amidst negotiation the FDA entered into with the Super Petroleum (SP), a local petroleum dealer for the supply of gasoline and fuel for June 2012.

During the negotiation, the SP Management reportedly displayed a copy of a check US$39,994 with serial #002US21515209902 dated January 5, 2012, which FDA Management noted disappeared from its coffers.

The SP Management was said to have received the amount as payment from FDA for over eighty thousand gallons of gasoline and fuel.

The release from FDA also indicated that the check in question was drawn from the entity’s LBDI US dollar operation account and was delivered by Alex Belleh who has been serving an indefinite suspension for an alleged criminal act.

Though it remains unclear whether Comptroller Jlateh and Chief Accountant Duo connived with suspect Belleh who is said to be on the run, to dupe the entity of the over 39, 000 United States dollars, sources earlier hinted this paper that Belleh confided in his wife that the entity’s Comptroller was part of the syndicate.