Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador, Juli Endee, has underscored the need for efficient and effective national cultural policy. According to her, Liberians would adequately benefit from the rich culture of the country if good policies are put in place to ensure its effectiveness and viability.

She however maintained that the improvement of Liberia’s cultural heritage requires Liberians to respect their cultural heritage. 

Speaking in an interview with reporters in Monrovia recently, Ambassador Endee noted that tradition and culture of every country play a major role in protecting the image of that nation.

The Cultural Ambassador also challenged Liberians to work with the government in supporting policy intended to promote the culture of the country. 

She said the 14 years of civil conflict in Liberia, which led to the death of thousands of Liberians and the destruction of many homes, attributed to significant setback of the cultural activities of the Country.

She named major challenges of the   Liberian cultural   policy   and its improvement as the lack of cooperation amongst Liberians and financial support for cultural activities, stressing the need to adequately address them.

The Liberian Cultural Ambassador however praised the Government and international partners for their level of support to the culture activities in Liberia, and also appealed to partners to continue their support.