It appears quite certain that the vows made by the DEA current administration under Anthony Souh may bear the desired fruit given the wave of attacks being exerted on drug traffickers including those based in the country and others who consider Liberia as a melting pot for drugs abuse.

Accordingly, the agency in collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA) has hooked a Nigerian National, only known as Daniel Nwokike who was in possession of about 19 tubes of cocaine. 

Daniel, according to DEA investigation, had left Nigeria for Tanzania where he received 300 grams of cocaine from his brother who reportedly lives in Pakistan.

He (Daniel) then thought to contact one Paschal Onyebuclti Mariuce and assumed relative who is based in Liberia to seek the possibility of how the deal could safely land in the country. Daniel reportedly swallowed the drugs and boarded Kenya Airways for Monrovia where he intended to deliver those substances and begin sale aimed at reaping a handsome fortune. Daniel managed to escape the dragnet of the security forces at the RIA. 

However Daniel’s hope soon dropped in the dustbin when attempt by him to safely deliver the cocaine he had swallowed in a local motel was interrupted by the DEA/NSA officers who had been on the alert based on established suspicion when Daniel touched down at RIA.

The suspect has since confessed his sin and is being charged with unlawful possession and trafficking of narcotics drugs which according to the DEA violate section 41:23   of the public health law of the Republic of Liberia. Daniel will be forwarded to court for prosecution.

It can be recalled that last week, the DEA dismissed three senior officers who received bribe while searching for drugs traffickers. They have since been turned over to the Justice Ministry for prosecution.

Souh: “We see ourselves constrained not only based on our mandate or the statute that created DEA, but equally by the spirit of patriotism to work harder  and save the nation from being infested by dangerous substances.”

Souh, at a press briefing last evening said it is the determination of his administration not to leave any stone unturned.