What can be considered a sex tragedy is being reported in Monrovia. A local motel called Cecelia Incorporated Bar and Motel on Johnson Street in Monrovia was on Thursday a scene of amazement, with huge crowd, when a man identified as Elijah Tiah was found dead after he reportedly went into the motel with a girl on social journey.
The Liberian National Police (LNP) is said to have launched an investigation into the incident, while police sources hinted that the girl in question has been taken to the Center Street Police Depot for interrogation. 

However, eyewitnesses said Tiah was discovered dead in one of the motel rooms by a caretaker when the girl, Massah Konneh reported that the man (Tiah), who entered the room with her has died.

“Tiah and the girl went into the motel Wednesday afternoon upon agreement on social affairs, but we were shocked to hear about his death in the motel,” sources close to the motel told reporters.

 The late Tiah was an officer of the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), while the girl in question is currently a cooked bowl seller, who was also in the “business” prior to meeting her mate in the Johnson Street vicinity.

Some eyewitnesses said the girl usually engages in sexual contracts with most of the men who go to the motel. This was not independently confirmed by our team of investigator.

Our reporter gathered that none of the deceased’s relatives showed up at the scene until his remains were taken to a funeral home by authorities of the LNP; even though Tiah was said to have had two women, with several children. 

 Meanwhile, our reporter said some people who rushed to the scene, predominantly young people, were rejoicing, due to the reported circumstances surrounding Tiah’s death. The jubilating young people said the incident serves as a lesson to fathers and mothers as well as people who engage in such activities. “This is a clear warning to those who carry out the same act around town,” they maintained.