Several Liberians including cabinet ministers, foreign diplomats and guests yesterday showered praises on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the occasion marking her 75th birth anniversary which was officially celebrated in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Remarks from people who attended the ceremony were directed at  Madam Sirleaf’s her remarkable role played in bringing peace to Africa and the world as well as her stride towards the rights and empowerment of women.

The Liberian leader on October 29 celebrated her Diamond Jubilee with an Intercessory and Thanksgiving Service. She as well broke ground for the construction of a modern market structure in the Omega Community, Paynesville, for Liberian market women as part of her legacy for women’s empowerment.

Speaking during the program, the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, lauded President Sirleaf for her dynamic leadership ability in steering the country on the path of progress and development.

Ambassador Malac said Liberia is a country emerging from war, and with the level of development taking place in the country, it indicates President Sirleaf’s quest to ensure that the nation meets the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

Also speaking, Sierra Leonean Ambassador accredited to Monrovia said President Sirleaf’s role in the sub-region, Africa and the world has been remarkable and serves as a motivation for other women on the continent and the world at large to emulate and contribute meaningfully to society.

Presenting gift on behalf of the cabinet, Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan said many people pray to live and celebrate their golden jubilee but unfortunately, their dreams never come to past.

“Yet still, others pray that they will receive the divine gift of living three scores and ten years but they fulfill such dreams in dreamland. Therefore, to have the opportunity to celebrate one golden jubilee or the Biblical three scores and ten and one diamond jubilee is truly a blessing that comes from the Omnipotent and Omniscient Creator,” he noted.

Accordingly, Minister Ngafuan on behalf of the cabinet saluted President Sirleaf in joy and unison on the special occasion marking her Natal Day.

“From the time the Almighty created and ushered you on this terrestrial plain on October 29, 1938, your life journey can only be described or encapsulated in one word “Greatness,” the Dean of the Cabinet said.

According to him, in these 75 years of President Sirleaf, she has confronted lots of challenges, defied lawlessness and stereotype and broke professional and political glass ceilings, thereby becoming an inspiration and exemplar for many others who also dare dream dreams that are big and frightening enough.

He said  President Sirleaf’s 75 years of existence have not only given her years to count, but have enabled her to positively impact her country, the continent and the world. Therefore, they (members of her cabinet), renew their commitment in loyalty to her and their country and pledge to assist her in lifting the country from den of destruction and underdevelopment to a nobler future of hope and prosperity.

In remarks, President Sirleaf lauded everyone from both home and abroad for the level of love and support shown her on her 75th birth anniversary celebration.

She also paid tribute to Liberian women especially market women, for the years of resilience in feeding the nation and  have continued to do so by crossing borders far and near in order to continue feeding and providing basic necessities  to their country.

According to her, her birth anniversary and the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a modern market structure is a progress in which all Liberian market women should join in making the project a reality.