he Liberian Government has banned the screening of the war-like movie Johnny Mad Dog in the country. Johnny Mad Dog is a war-like movie depicting the 14 years of bloody civil crisis in the Liberian society.



Acting Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Cletus Sieh made the disclosure yesterday at MICAT's Weekly Press Conference held in Monrovia. According to Mr. Sieh, government has declared illegal the screening of the movie in Liberia because of its brutal nature. 


The  government has  vowed to  arrest  and prosecute  anyone  or institution  caught screening the  movie, Johnny Mad Dog , in the  public.  Though the movie was previewed at the French Embassy in Liberia, Minister Sieh disclosed  that it has yet to be rated and approved by the Liberian Government.


Acting Minister Sieh averred that a French movie group shot the movie in Liberia, but it has many scenes of excessive violence and vulgarity that render Johnny Mad Dog improper for the viewing of the Liberian populace.


He therefore warned against the showing of  Johnny Mad Dog in public places such as cinemas, video clubs etc  because the government will  remain vigilant  for would-be violators to face the full weight of the law.


 It can be recalled that Information Minister, Dr. Laurence Bropleh, at a similar gathering highly spoke of the would-be award winning charisma and over all positive image of the movie contrary to the very provocative nature under which it is being considered  to our society today as evident by the latest pronouncement by the government.      


A French Movie group along with the Italian borned Hollywood Star Leonardo Decaprio, who acted in the movie Titanic and the Movie Union of Liberia shot the movie, Johnny Mad Dog, depicting the story of the civil upheaval in Liberia in the country in 2007.