Citizens and residents of PleeboSodoken District in Maryland County are calling on the Government of Liberia and their Representative (Bhofal Chambers) to remove the French company -MOPP-CRC/SIFCA in their district.

According to the spokesperson of the citizens, Jackson S. W. Nagbe, about 1,000 dismissed contractors of MOPP-CRC/SIFCA have claimed that the company is in constant hobbit of dismissing their brothers and sisters unjustifiably.

A release quotes a freelancer being displayed scores of SIFCA’s dismissal letters in the county.
Spokesperson Nagbe claimed that those dismissed worked for SIFCA as contractors for three years two months.

The release quoted him as noting that on  13 October, 2012, SIFCA management told  the contractors to go and do their medical tests for employment, something he claimed  the contractors did and they were considered fit for the job but to their surprise, the management  reportedly said  they (contractors) were not fit to work with the company.

The aggrieved former MOPP-CRC contractors reportedly wrote Representative Chambers to intervene.

According to the release, in an attempt to address the citizens’ concern, Representative Chambers organized a special town hall meeting as part of his agriculture break on January 3, 2013 in Sedeken, the district’s headquarters, between the Pleebo Sodoken District citizens and Management of (SIFCA) aimed at deriving at a way forward for mutual benefit for the citizens and the corporate entity.

However, the release indicated that the Management of SIFCA boycotted the meeting due to differences it claimed to have with Representative Chambers.

The release mentioned that the Managing Director of SIFCA, Philippe Carty, responded  by displaying  a copy of a letter written to Representative  Chambers, noting  the Management’s reasons  why it did  not attend the meeting,

According to the release, Mr. Carty said the Management of SIFCA takes exception to Representative Chambers’ entry into their premises to take unauthorized photos of their managers and personnel at the factory, something the Management cautioned the lawmaker not to be repeated.

 Accordingly, the  SIFCA in  a letter also  informed Representative  Chambers that it would not attend the scheduled town hall meeting because it was convinced that such forum in the past , now or in the future would have done very little to start a process to bring about harmony.

 Responding to the Management’s letter, Representative Chambers said it is the right of the people of PleeboSodoken District to derive maximum benefit from their land in line with economic justice and mutual respect.

He noted that it is the proper time for the people of the district to have the right to employment without discrimination under just and human conditions.

Based on what is being claimed as  SIFCA’s constant and mass dismissal of the people of  district,  Representative  Chambers assured that  his office will restore dignity of all those affected by SIFCA unlawful actions weather in the form of mass redundancy or dismissal , indirect force labor , employment substitution , illegal land possession , monopoly or otherwise.

Consequently, the office of Representative Chambers said it has cancelled all meetings with the Management of SIFCA until the company can reasonably change its approach in the interest of the people of the district.