The Vice President of UL Relations at the University of Liberia, Dr. Momolu Gataweh, has disclosed that there is plan to increase tuition at the state run university but not equivalent to US$5 as is being speculated by students.

Dr. Gataweh said the administration is contemplating on adding the amount of US$0.50 to the current tuition.

He however said such proposal has not been brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees of the UL.

Dr. Gataweh told the In Profile Daily Thursday that the influx of students, pending increment in professor capacities and low budgetary allotment are factors that could trigger the increment of tuition.

The Vice President for UL Relations further explained that the university’s administration intends to improve the Science College and the Library with the approval of the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees.

He said UL President Dr. Emmet Dennis in his recent statement at the 93rd graduation of the university made the proposal, which is yet to be approved.

According to him, the proposed increment is necessary because it would allow the authorities to meet up with most of the challenges facing the institution.

He said the university has lots of external and internal problems that need urgent attention and called on the student populace to always seek clarity before hastily concluding.

It can be recalled that early this week, a group of students claiming to be supporters of campus-based political parties carried out acts of hooliganism and disrupted normal classes at the university when it was speculated that the authorities have increased tuition to US$5 per credit hour.

Following the incident, the UL authorities announced that they have arrested a man identified as John Moore who is said to be a freshman student, as one of the suspects.

Dr. Gataweh narrated that student Moore was caught throwing ‘missiles’ at the administration building.

He said the student will be investigated and may face trial if the need arises. “Mr. Moore has already been expelled from the university,” Dr. Gataweh revealed.