The Director of the ABC Children’s Aid Liberia, Rev. Mathew Sakeuh says the purpose for which the organization was founded including being a potential element in the Liberia educational system remains unchanged. Rev. Sakeuh said the God that brought the organization thus far will never let it be destroyed as a result of the work of the devil. Rev. Sakeuh God will continue to nourish and protect the good intent and objective of the organization because it (organization) basically seeks to raise the possibilities and capacities of the children of Liberia, especially at a time when the nation was going through all stages of reconstruction following dreadful civil war. He termed the layers of legal trials and tribulations facing organization as defeatable temptation.
Rev. Sakeuh told journalists yesterday the goal of the organization remains unchanged because according to him every good thing that is associated with the work of God obviously go through testing period most often time harshly. He however said his organization holds the irreversible and belief that the project would achieve its intended purpose. 
The history of the African Indigenous Evangelical Missions (AIEM) has its root tied in the dream and vision of Rev. Matthew, a native Liberian who grew up in Duoplay, Nimba County, and eastern Liberia. Matthew’s    faith in Christ has guided him through war time trauma; braving the bitter experiences in exile and holding onto the belief that God would prepare him to become a potential contributor to the social and economic programs of the nation after war.  Appearing reserved and hopeful Rev. Sakeuh is urging his fellow countrymen to keep holding onto God because as he puts it, “God is the only protector and defender of all that he created on the basis of unconditional love and justice”.