The Executive Director of the Jafaria Development in Liberia (JDL), Mohammed O. Bah, has called on Muslims in Liberia to put their differences aside in order to move the Islamic Faith forward.

Mr. Bah has observed over the years that some Muslims have been engaged in criticizing others negatively, noting that such act has created serious division in the Muslim Community in Liberia.

Mr. Bah made the statement Tuesday in Monrovia at programs marking the observance of the death of Prophet Mohammed.

He indicated that if the Muslim Religion must grow in Liberia, its members should stop going against each other and work together.

The JDI Executive Director also urged his fellow Muslims to always recognize the importance of the religion and reflect on those good things Prophet Mohammed did when he was alive.

Mr. Bah further stressed the need for Muslims across Liberia to prioritize the celebration of the death of their Holy Prophet annually, noting that when this is done, it will help bring the Muslims of all sort to together.

The JDL head told the gathering that the celebration of the death of Prophet Mohammed was not just intended to bring Muslims together, but to also remind them of the importance of the Muslim religion.

Also speaking at the occasion, the Imam of the Clara Town Central Mosque, Sheik Jeneka A. Turay, called on Muslims across Liberia to reflect on what he called the past of the religion.

He said it has always been a serious challenge for Muslims in this modern generation to reflect on the past and remember some of the good works of their Holy Prophet.

According to him, Muslims are supposed to observe the death of their Prophet during this time of each year as one of the important days in the history of Islam and its people.

Sheki Turay quoting the Holy Quran said Prophet Mohammed was born in 570 BC and died in Mecca at age 63 after performing great miracles to people around the world.