Following years of advocacy on behalf of the people of the Pleebo Sodocan District, Maryland County District #2 Representatives, Bhofal Chambers has finally succeeded in convincing members of the Lower house to have the management of SIFCA appear before it and explain its operations in the county.

SIFCA is the company currently operating the Cavalla Rubber Plantation in the district, but has been accused of several malpractices against the people.

The Management of the Company which is from Ivory Coast and headed by Mr. Philippe Party will appear before the plenary of the House of Representatives next Tuesday.

Speaking to the In Profile Daily following Tuesday’s sitting, Rep. Chambers described the decision by the House as a great relief for the Liberian people, something he said shows that the people are working through their legislators.

He said over the years, the company has been carrying on what he termed as bait and switch, promising many things and not being able to fulfill them.

According to him, SIFCA have been in the hobbit of firing Marylanders and bringing in Ivoirians to replace them, noting that it is regrettable to dismiss Marylanders who are equally qualified.

 “What we want is that they ensure there be some kind of balance in terms of economic justice and mutual respect and that they may carry on compassionate business programs for our people and be restricted to that area which is the Cavalla Rubber Plantation to ensure that there is some kind of competition that other businesses take the other land because we do not want them grab all the land and marginalize our people; the people deserve decency and their just compensation,” he noted.

He said regrettably, the company does not have a single doctor in its operational area, but is currently hiring government paid doctor assigned at the J.J. Dozen Hospital who visits the area once a week, stressing the need for the company to restore the dignity of the people and afford them housing and other welfare programs.

It can be recalled that Rep. Chambers wrote and cited the company to a meeting, which it reportedly refused to attend, but the Maryland County lawmaker praised the people of the district for their level of patience with the company and assured them of his continuous advocacy in their interest.