Mulbah Presents The ProjectThe Dean of the Liberal Arts College at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), Rev. Marie Simmon is urging sociology students at the university to make positive impact in the lives of their community members.

Rev. Simmon made the statement at the formal project presentation ceremony of the Sociology 401 students held on the campus of the AMEU in Monrovia.

The Liberal Arts Dean called on the students to continue to engage into projects that will enable them leave a legacy as far as community development is concerned.

Also speaking the chairman of the Practical Community Development project Group Two, Mulbah Flomo said as students of sociology with emphasis on practical community development, the project was aimed at identifying a community or institution whereby the lives of that community or institution can be impacted.

For his part, the Chairman of the Sociology department, Godfrey Eloho, indicated that the project by the community development class will go a long way in stimulating the enthusiasm of other students who will be enrolling in that department.

He further noted that despite the many economic challenges facing students, he was gratified that they could collect the minimum resources to fund such a project that will benefit over four hundred students of the department.

The project is a result of a course requirement for sociology 401 (practical community development). The cost of the project according to them is placed at over LD$40,000.00.

The sociology students initiated the reconditioning of the offices of the Chairman of the Sociology department and as well purchased stationeries for the department.