Even in the darkest and most humiliating cell
The tender love and acute feeling for freedom is telling.
When you are with a beautiful lady one on one
Please behave; say nothing; see nothing; do nothing

Sorry, that’s not what I really intended to say
But whenever you are with a beautiful rose
The heart is always hungrily wanting decidedly
Especially when the inquisitive eyes see and the mind registers

But, sorry, that is not what I really meant to say, my dear
What do you really see or think when you are all alone?
And just what does she think when you are all alone with her?
Don’t wander too far off, my dear

Please pardon my naivety, that’s not what I actually meant
In deep though, the human mind too can go astray in dreaming
Just as one strangely wanders off in deep, deep sleep
One often dreams of going strange places he had not seen

Sorry, I have just been misled out of my wit
I can read your heart when you come well attired, baby
And also interpret your tricky gaze whenever you smile
Your rare and imposing beauty is but a classic poetry, you know

Oh sorry, baby, that is not what my heart really lays
So hold your peace and emotion or charge it to my heart
Sure, I can hear and understand the whispering of your heart
And also the sobbing of your soul and loving and kind heart

Pardon me for my stupidity, my dear darling babe
This little pen is too fast; and pens what I don’t advice
Yet, being the holder, I accept full responsibility for that
The frisky pen is not only mine, it is controlled by me

I’m trying to walk a new road which is lost in the woods
It passes through a jungle over a large and muddy creek
For decades it has not been walked; it is rough and lost
Abandoned, it is too bushy and needs to be walked by me now

Sorry, I deeply erred; that’s not really me to walk it
Although too spry for my age, I’m not really that old to walk it
I guess it needs some cat with an enormous strength
Why, because the road is too bushy and lost and must be walked

Again, I’m out of my wit; sorry for my pronounced foolishness
But thank God I’m getting my message through at least
Be polite, don’t kick me off for my age, I’m well meaning, yes.
I’m so tender at heart; I will make you wet yourself with tears of joy

Sorry, if I said anything so rude or offensive to your ears
But tonight and every night in your sleep and sweet dreams
I will drop a special love note under the pillow you lie your head on
With my own blood, I wrote it across the table of your loving heart

Sorry, if I have stabbed your heart with love that is so true
But even God knows I have no regrets or apology for loving you so
It has been too long since I have been cautiously holding back
And sorry, I was simply holding back because I was holding back

Sorry, that I have been too hesitant to honestly come out
For fear of the shade of the huge and tall tree standing behind you
For still in that huge and tall tree is a hungry lion looking below
Only roaring and desperately wanting to leap at any intruder

And the message in the roaring of the huge and red eyes lion is,
“This beauty is all mine; touch not; just stay clear for your safety…”
Then he raises his fearful and threatening voice again and again
Opens his mouth in flames and displays his sharp claws heartlessly

Sorry, for hurting you so annoyingly, my dear young lady
But once I heard you on the phone saying to whom I know not,
“For years now, my friend, nobody really takes care of me but myself”
So I now take that challenge though too old and unemployed and so poor
Despite, I’m so loving and caring and am too old, yes, but not cold

NOTE:    Please stop pretending, baby. You know this is all to you.