The road to success and fame in life
Is not only crooket, trying, tasking, long and too rough
It is so thorny, swampy, rocky, mountainous and bushy and
It’s too painful and takes patience and courage to walk

Don’t really know who ever succeeded without any pains
History and even the Holy Bible are silent on that;
Even Christ, the only son of God, suffered under his cross;
Mount Calvery is neither that huge nor so tall or so far away

But the journey was so painful, tough and so rough
No human strength, however good, could carry anybody through
It was not long; but he still stopped many times up hill
Like Christ, every man is suffering under his own cross uphill

The road to Mount Calvery in your life
Cuts through a very deep and dark wood
Across a chain of wide, muddy, deep, dark and forceful rivers
Where each stands poised at the cross road in life

Right in the middle of the monkey bridge over this chain of rivers
Each wishfully stands; how it took you there, you only recall
Absolutely no idea of the journey that lies ahead still
Hopelessly hoping, you are lost and stands tense and undecisively

The good shepherd who is leading you can never ever see
The hectic journey is far from done; you are lost in hope
Age is badly telling; the candle of courage is slowly dying
You look strong in body; in spirit you are rapidly faltering

It’s mid day; the sun is still up; the rainbow of life is coloring
Time and weather do fluctuate; but the sun’s heat is undying
Sorry, I cannot really understand; frogs are melodiously singing
As always, the sun rises and sets in beautiful golden rays, yes

Just why the flooding today; it had not rained cats and dogs
The heavens have not wept; it’s mid day, it’s heavily dewing
Labor courageously; before the sun sets, get the job done
Strange things are happening; fire is burning under the river

Hopefully, there is still enough fuel in the tank
The tyres are too old, yes, but not yet worn out
Methinks they are good for many more miles to go
Don’t stand idly; before the sun sets, get it done

The many trying hurdles in the way in this maranthon…
God continues to test my love and faith in him, I know
Life is but a weary daily maranthon for all to live with
Success stories of great maranthonerss are but legacies

The sun rises daily, yes, but not all are bright sun shining days
There are many smaller creeks that make a great river to flow
Across a dark raincloud, the rainbow reveals the beauty of the Trinity
The Queen of Sheba identifies with only wicked leaders by a visit

No bird has ever flown on just one single wing
Since creation, it takes only two to bear a child
And also two-light and water – to make plants grow fresh
And, equally, blood and water to keep mankind alive

There is a marching brass band playing sweetly in the sea
And also with flutes, birds are playing melodiously in the trees
Kids are passing; people are laughing; it’s good to see
Between the skies and earth, rain clouds pass in review above you and me

In this very challenging marathon of life, always be up and running;
Blended, the music of the marching brass band and flutes is lovely, yes
But on oath, I will, until I shall win the race, courageously fight on,
But on oath, I will, until I shall win the race, courageously fight on!

NOTE:  Life, by nature, is an acid test and, equally, a complex public ordeal that takes immense courage, patience, tolerance and endurance to successfully sail through. Either you are willing to go along or you accept to take the blame of whatever happens.