As the Liberian Constitution dictates, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf remarkably performed perhaps to expectation by addressing the nation at the 53rd National legislature about progress the Liberian Government made in 2012. Of course, such deliberation calls for a wide range of issues of national concerns including security, economy, governance, infrastructure development, bilateral engagements and the list goes on to be addressed by the President.

Almost for two un-interrupted hours President Sirleaf was heard through the electronic media outlining on Monday, January 18th-the fourth week in the month, the achievements of the ruling Unity Party-led government in 2012.

Hand claps, laughter, smiles, yells and appreciative gestures that could energize President Sirleaf to deliver her State of the Nation Address were in abundance. Surely, the President has the energy for public oration and brilliantly she performed touching key issues Liberians would have loved to hear, whether realistic or not.

The President’s address on the overall seemed to have been a success story to the extent that assurances and promises characterized the achievements of the government during the year in review. For example, the Liberian economy was said to be growing in positive direction while infrastructural development was steadily moving and good governance on course. In the area of national security, the government seems to be filling up gaps the drawdown of UNMIL has created. Crucially noted was road construction or reconstruction which remains very cardinal to the movement of people from one destination to another. Judging by prevailing road maintenance works in Monrovia and parts adjacent and elsewhere during the Dry Season, the vow of President Sirleaf about road connectivity appeared to have convinced the public except that during Rainy Season road conditions across the country become deplorable.

Loud and  clear the President was heard and hailed to some extent for her declaration of a US$25.00 salary increment for civil  servants including the personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia and Liberia National  Police. The President was definite that beneficiaries of the salary increment would be paid in ten days from the month of July 2011 onward. No matter what critics comments seem to be on the pronouncement those benefitting from the President’s declaration are happy over the development.