The President of the Fulah Business Association of Liberia, Inc. (FBAL), Bella Diallo, has described the entire justice system of Liberia as being weak.

Mr. Diallo’s statement followed recent alleged brutality meted against two young Fulah men, namely Ibrahim Jalloh and Alpha Barry in the Township of West Point allegedly by some officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) assigned at the West Point Police depot.

According to him, the issue of police brutality against peaceful citizens including Aliens and other nationals in Liberia has been a normal thing done by the police.

 He said the government has always been weak through its justice system to react.

Speaking to reporters Thursday in Monrovia, Mr. Diallo indicated that what occurred recently with the police being accused of brutalizing his colleagues was not the first or  the second and that the government is yet to address the matter.

He noted that in a nation wherein state security continues to brutalize citizens or other persons, there will always be serious problems.

The Fulah business president also noted that the act of state security brutality against people is a total human rights violation.

According to him, no state security has the right to brutalize anyone, even if that person has committed crime against the nation because every nation is governed by law.

Mr. Diallo further noted that if such satiation continues to exist in the Liberian society, especially during this time of the country’s emerging democracy, there will always be setback among the citizens and state security.

“This could also create serious problem for the country to be developed if the state securities are always involved in the habit of brutalizing other people without anything done by the government,” he noted.

 Mr. Diallo has called on national government to put to rest the act of continuous brutality against peaceful citizens and other individuals by state securities, adding that if this is done by there could be total unity and harmony.  

According to reports, the Fulah men where accused by a resident of West Point, Miss Quita David of stealing L$ 5,000.00 cellular phone and four jeans trousers from her. She was said to have invited the police into matter at which time the police allegedly took the action to brutalize the two accused.