In spite of public outcry from the Repentance Baptist Church for the arrest of two children of Evangelist Charles G. Davis by members of Poro Society in Todee District recently, it has been reported that the two children were initiated and finally released. Reacting to the action, Evangelist Davis said he did not blame members of the Poro Society who captured his children but rather his relatives who were present when the incident took place

Evangelist Davis presently serves as Deacon in the Repentance Baptist Church in Bah Town, Todee District. He recently informed the office of the Rethinking Ministry that his two children- Emmanuel Davis (12 years) and James Davis (14) are of school going ages and their arrest by the Poro Society devil may have serious impact on their education especially for this academy school year.

Evangelist Davis further said his two children release came about due to the intervention of the Independent Baptist Churches’ Pastors headed by Rev. G. Larque Vaye of the Calvary Baptist Church in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

 But according to him, he regretted the condition of his children after their release. Though they were set free, but they have already been initiated and marked by the devil.

Meanwhile, Evangelist Davis  has expressed thanks and  gratitude to all those who prayed with him, especially the pastors of the Independent Baptist churches who took their pleasure time to escort him to Bah Town, Todee District where the incident occurred.

In the same vein, the Pastor of the Repentance Baptist Church, Pastor Elvis, encouraged the citizens of Bah Town, Todee District,  urging them to prioritize education for their children instead of Poro Society that may not have any positive impact on the future of the children.