Following days of detention, Mr. Vandalark Particks, an executive of the Concern Intellectual Association (CIA) has bee released to his lawyers by the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice.

Mr. Patricks has in recent time called on Liberians through his Facebook page on the internet to stage a peaceful demonstration against ills including nepotism and corruption in the country, upon the arrival of guests of the ongoing High Level Panel Conference.

He was reportedly picked up late Monday night from the CIA headquarters on  Old Road Sinkor by some plain clothe officers and thrown into a vehicle marked RL 52, something the Liberia National Police has denied knowing about.

But a charge sheet from the LNP, which took Mr. Patricks to court Thursday morning noted that the defendant was arrested on January 30, informed of his Miranda rights, investigated and subsequently charged with the commission of the crimes of impersonating official, criminal conspiracy and terroristic threat in violation of three sessions of the Revised Penal Code of Liberia, adding that the arrest was based on a complaint filed by the Republic of Liberia.

The Police Charge Sheet further disclosed that during investigation with the defendant, he verbally admitted writing out documents calling on people of all walks of life within the Liberian society, mainly the downtrodden to carry on what the police described as a civil disobedience action for three months and used his job title of his former office at the House of Senate “Communication Consultant of the Chairperson on Executive at the Liberian Senate,”

The charge sheet also quoted the defendant as saying, “he and others have a vision to continue such a civil disobedience action until a change can come,” adding that he had identified areas including; the Roberts International Airport, Foreign Embassies near Monrovia, the Monrovia City Hall and Royal Hotel which would be paying host to foreign dignitaries for the ongoing High Level Panel Conference as well as a massive civil disobedience action in five other counties to bring about a change.

The police also noted in its charge sheet that Mr. Patricks referred to himself as the “Communication Consultant of the Chairperson on Executive at the Liberian Senate,” but said Senator Jah has described as untrue on grounds that Mr. Patricks vacated said position some time ago prior to the publication of the mentioned document.

Speaking to reporters following his release, Mr. Patricks confirmed that he was picked up on Monday  about 10:PM and put behind bars at the NSA, where he claimed being tortured and made to sit among crawling insects without food for days.

He praised Cllrs. Taiwan Gongloe, Negbarle Warner and Alfred Brownell who jointly filed a writ of Habeas Corpus which took him to court after he had stayed behind bars for over 48 hours.
He has however disclosed that his arrest and detention will not make him cease his fight for social justice, noting that his cause is genuine.

At the same time, the Lead Defense Lawyer, Cllr. Gongloe, said organizing a peaceful demonstration for social justice is in no way in violation of the law, something which he said led him to provide a free defense for Mr. Patricks.

He stressed the need for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to deal with those who made the arrest on grounds that it was done just after she (President Sirleaf) had  said that anyone demonstrating during the period of the event will show to the international community to see that she is a democratic leader.

Prior to the release of Mr. Patricks, members of the Intellectual Association (CIA) staged a peaceful demonstration before the Justice Ministry in Monrovia with placards demanding his release.