A container off-loader who along with other colleagues was seen off-loading a 20 footed container loaded with over 5,000 sheets of ceiling in Monrovia said the work of offloading containers is  labor intensive but with low wages.

Speaking to the In Profile Daily Tuesday, Mr. James Scott said after the offloading of each container, they are given L$350.00 per person despite the weight and amount of goods that each container usuall contains.

According to him, customs brokers at the Freeport of Monrovia are the ones that contact trusted off- loaders to select their colleagues to assemble at wherever destination the containers are heading and negotiate with owners of containers who then pay off-loaders at most between L$250.00 to LD$350 which according to him, cannot feed their families yet they are constrained to do so due to the high cost of living in the country.

 “My brother what to do, we get to live but the work of off-loading containers is very tedious and low paying but we can’t sit and fold our hands in this country that the living conditions for ordinary Liberians are very hard,” Mr. Scott explained.

The Liberian Institute of Geo Information Services (LISGIS) sometime last year announced that unemployment in the country has significantly dropped to 7.3% which accordingly was based on ‘vulnerable employment.

On December 22, 2012, Assistant Minister of Labor for Labor Statistics, Richard Ngafuan, said in 2012 alone, employment was doubled up to 22,000 new jobs majority of which vulnerable employment overwhelms.