The Minister of Public Works, Kofi Woods, has indicated that the lack of better water, sanitation and hygiene is seriously impairing the growth and development of African children especially Liberians. Minister Woods made the statement Monday, 3 February in an interview with reporters at the close of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene forum held at the Bella Casa Hotel in Monrovia.

He noted that Liberian women continue to suffer severe risk of the lack of access to safe drinking water. Minister Woods said the growth, development and survivor of the Liberian children is being impaired while the economy of the country  has been stagnated by the collective failure to leverage the opportunities available to manage and invest in water  resources which is in abundant on the African continent.

  Minister Woods further said  with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s role as Ambassador for the WASH Sector, African women can now beat their brawl and step their voices forward on the HLP as it relates to access to safe drinking water for all.

The Public Works Minister indicated that the recent forum among others thing seeks to design a Water Board that will be autonomous to look at the issues of water, sanitation and hygiene as basic human right.

According to him, despite the cause for investments and compelling evidence on the impact on the economic growth and essential health indicators, water, sanitation and hygiene have suffered the lack of attention and political will at various levels.