The Minister of Finance, Amara Konneh said strong partnership and ownership in the preparation of budget by ministries and agencies are required to help government focus on key deliverables and ensure better budget execution.

Speaking at the opening of a one-day Security Pillar Budget Retreat on Wednesday yesterday at the Ministry of Justice in Monrovia, Minister Konneh said one of the goals of the budget process is to deepen the participation of public entities in the formulation of their budgets to ensure that the figures fully represent their respective needs and goals.

He disclosed that the level of effectiveness in the execution of the budget is directly linked to the success and impact of the medium term development plan, the agenda for transformation and the roadmap for the withdrawal of the UNMIL troops from the country.

Minister Konneh at the same time noted that the goal of the Security Retreat is to tie all projects planned for the Peace, Security and Justice Sector to the achievement of specific and measurable targets in the documents.

He also noted that the Retreat will bring synergy to an array of interventions in the Security Sector and enhance the Finance Ministry’s effectiveness in helping the sector achieve its goals.

Meanwhile, Minister Konneh has disclosed that a team of budget technicians at the Ministry of Finance has been set up to work with the Security Sector Planning and Budget Committees to link all projects from various institutions under the sector to the UNMIL drawdown plan and the AfT.

He said the team includes reviewing the government’s training targets for the Liberia National Police and the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in the UNMIL drawdown plan and programming funding over a medium term to achieve those targets.