A student of the St. Peter Baptist High School in Paynesville, Rebecca Johnson, has decried poor learning atmosphere in Liberia’s education system.

“Some students put in time to study their lessons to make a pass while most of our colleagues use bribery as their own way of getting a passing mark. This practice is destroying our education system”, she noted.

Miss. Johnson made the statement at a Student Empowerment Debate held last weekend at the CMFI High School in Paynesville.

She called on her fellow students to desist and denounce every form of bribery in school and put in time to study their lessons for a better future.

Miss. Johnson also admonished her colleagues not be love materials, money and wealth if they are to achieve their goals.

She cautioned the students that Liberia needs “true” leaders to help develop and manage its vast resources for the benefit of its citizens.

Student Johnson urged her colleagues   to seek quality education that would pave the way for future leadership and called on them to denounce violence in school.