The Liberia Health, Medicine and Regulatory Authority (LHMRA) has called on its board members and the Liberia National Police (LNP)    to constitute a taskforce that could assist in battling drug peddlers and the sale of illegal medicines in Liberia.

According to LHMRA, it is currently discussing with several board members for their   intervention to control drug peddlers in Liberia.

In an interview with the In Profile Daily Wednesday in Monrovia, the head of LHMRA, David Sumo   disclosed that most of the drugs being sold by street peddlers are  expired medicines which are harmful for human consumption.

He said they are working tirelessly with the association’s board members and the police to adopt a way forward to eradicate street drug sellers.

“These guys are selling contaminated medicines to our people; we need to put a halt to such practice to safe our citizens”, he noted.

He disclosed that the entity has embarked on a massive awareness outreach program in communities in Monrovia and its suburbs through dramas and radio jingles aimed at sensitizing the public on the danger of buying medicines from street peddlers.

  “We are also giving out flyers and posters that will be placed in various locations where people can read or see them depicting the danger of buying fake drugs”, Mr. Sumo indicated.

According to him, when the awareness is enforced, only licensed peddlers will be allowed to sell drugs based on LHMRA’s own needs and   descriptions.

In a related development, the LHMRA has warned street peddlers and pharmacies to report all expired drugs to its office for disposal, instead of selling them.