The Ministry of Education (MOE), through its Mathematics Division, has begun preparing over thirty- two instructors from both public and private schools, so as to enable them adequately prepare their students for the upcoming West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

WASSCE will be conducted in Liberia for the first time during this school academic year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the In Profile Daily, the Director of Math at the Ministry of Education, Asata Kaba, said the refresher workshop is for math instructors of the thirty- two schools selected to sit the WASSCE in order to put up splendid performance.

According to her, they are conducting peer -tutoring intended to strengthen teachers understanding in other math topics that they find difficult to teach.

She said what they are involved with is to get teachers who mastered certain math courses to tutor their colleagues in order for them to also adequately present the subject to their students.

“If someone very good in calculus and the other is not, we bring the calculus expert to tutor the others so that they will be able to get better understanding to teach their students,” Madam Kaba explained.

Director Kaba said, the strategy is intended to for teachers to have ideas on the entire subject matter ahead of the exam.

She indicates the need for the teachers to take the refresher courses serious so that they can impact the requisite lessons to their students if they are to be successful in the exam.
Madam Kaba said students of other West African countries are not smarter than their Liberian counterparts; but their excellent performance can be attributed to the efforts they apply to teach their students.

Meanwhile, the MOE Director of Math has disclosed, that the ministry is carrying on a math tutorial for all students sitting the upcoming WASSCE free at the William V.S Tubman High School.

She encouraged students expected to under write the exam advantage of such opportunity.