Aqualife Water BagsIt has been discovered that the aQuaLife purified and plastic bagged water, locally referred to as ‘mineral water,’ produced by the Liberty Investment Limited, has no production and expiry dates, thus creating fears in the Liberian public.  aQuaLife is considered Liberia’s leading drinking water manufacturing company.

The In Profile Daily launched an investigation after a group calling itself “Independent Media for Peace Building (IMPeB)” raised the issue, describing it as bad business practice and dangerous to the consuming public.

According to our investigation, consumers are directed to check on the seal for manufactured, expiry dates as well as for the batch number, but they cannot be located anywhere on the plastic bag. It is written on each of the 500ml plastic bag of aQuaLife “Check the seal for MFD, EXP Date & Batch No.”

However, our investigation did not find any manufactured, expiry dates and batch number as directed by management on the 500ml plastic bag.

Many Liberians have described the issue as threatening and called on the Government to address it. They observed that unscrupulous people might have been taking advantage of the situation to sell the water beyond the expired date.

According to the Liberians, the lack of life span label on the water plastic bag could greatly contribute to the outbreak of cholera, diarrhea and other pandemic diseases in the country.

“The situation also undermines ongoing efforts to address the issues of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Liberia,” an activist remarked, and called on concerned institutions to quickly act.

The Independent Media for Peace Building on Wednesday took to task the management of aQuaLife for producing water and not indicating a production date and expiring time on the water plastic, saying, “It is a complete deception to the many consumers in the country.”

The media group said it was worrying over the safety of the Liberian people for business strategy that the water supplying company was using to distribute drinking water to the people in the country.

aQuaLife’s General Manager, Paulinus Kofi, refused to comment as he disconnected mobile phone conversations with him having dialed his number on numerous occasions and having informed him of the matter. “What you want,” he said during the last call and disconnected the call.
At the same time, reports filtering into our newsroom indicate that most of the mineral water manufacturing companies have similar problems, something the In Profile Daily will bring you details as they unfold.