Maryland County Representative Bhofal Chambers has taken President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to task on a number of critical national issues which he said need to be appropriately addressed to avoid Liberians being sub-humans.

Representative Chambers claimed that President Sirleaf is mute on crucial issues including the advocacy in the Liberian society of gay marriage, fearing that when this is allowed to happen it would undermine the unique culture of Liberia.

The Maryland lawmaker made the statements last Friday at his Capitol Building office when executives of the Focus Newspaper certificated him as “The Lawmaker of The Year 2012”.

The News Editor of Focus, Edwin Clarke, said Representative Chambers was selected among many colleagues for the award due to his tremendous performance in terms of advocacy on behalf of Marylanders and Liberians in general.

He named Representative Chambers’ stand against the reported bad labor practices of SIFCA in Maryland, his support for anti- gay bill at the 53rd National Legislature and above all, his voice considered to have taken a center stage at the legislature in advocating for the masses, as convincing reasons why the newspaper has awarded him the honor.

The lawmaker used the opportunity to note that while he supports President Sirleaf for speaking against bad female cultural practices in Liberia, evidenced by her recent declaration of support for the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the country, he thinks the move was nothing but putting the cart before the horse.

According to him, there are other issues which the President does not want to emphasize including the issue of males going out with males; something he termed as sodomy.  “I don’t think the President should not talk about sodomy. It should be her champion,” Representative Chambers noted.

He further indicated that the issue that has to do with “sex change” is also a form of mutilation whereby a male can be transformed into a female.

“We want leaders; we don’t want people who will be ruled by the voices of external forces,” Representative Chambers said.

According to him, the government needs to treat Liberians with human face; stressing that no among of dehumanization and subjugation should be tolerated in the new Liberia that blood and sweat have paid for to bring about changes of equality and social justice.

He also claimed that creating more functionaries when previously established ones are not support is only intended to appease friends of the elite class.

Representative Chambers described it as contradiction, the creation of Constitutional Review Committee when the previously created Constitution Reform Commission is yet to provide its report on such reform process to the public.

“This is an economic waste. We do not have enough health centers; not basic medical facilities, equipment. We don’t need to be Putting money where it is not necessary,” he noted.    

Meanwhile, Representative Chambers said he remains committed to advocating for social justice, emphasizing that Liberians deserve being treated as human beings who are equal before the law.

He expressed gratitude and noted that he was honored for being selected by the paper as one of few servants seeking to serve in the best interest of Liberia.